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 Future of energy? (18)

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Future of energy?

What do you think will be the world's primary sources of energy in the year 2050?
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Nuclear. As it should have been all along. The liberal media blew that whole Three Mile Island thing outta proportion when it happened some 35 years ago. And then that stupid movie, and then the Russians fucked up with Chernobyl. But nuke power is something like 300 times more efficient and cleaned than coal. After TMI we stopped building nuke plants. Thus hurt us big-time. We know better now and are gonna get back on track.

More nukes! Less Kooks! that a Ohio State logo? Tsk tsk.

Hook Em Horns!!!

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A mix of wind, geothermal, solar, and nuclear energies. .

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Semen. Because of the current over population, there seems to be an over abundance of it.

And since it's like one of the main components to life, it must be filled with raw energy.

I think semen would be a perfect energy source.

If semen was indeed tagged as the next big energy source you could get rich if the government offered to buy the vast resources of it found in your mouth.

Well that's what I heard anyway.

Just messing which ya, Ty.

God Bless.

ProLogos(2798) Disputed
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Haha. That's funny. Cuz I swallow, there wouldn't be any in there.

Yes I said that.

Am I just messin'?

God Bless. JalapeƱos.

I believe it will be nuclear, hydropower or wind power that will will be the future of energy.

With the advancement and continuing research into battery technology I feel that this will be the main source of future energy requirement.

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What do you mean? You mean like batteries you put in your remote?

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Maybe, just maybe, sometime in the future the scientists working on the evolution of battery technology might be able to develop a battery with the enormous capacity necessary to jumpstart the few brain cells in your otherwise empty head. In case you haven't noticed automobiles can now run partially, and in some cases exclusively on battery power. Major household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, hedge clippers and power drills can run on battery power. Have you been living on the moon in recent years? Try coming down to earth more often and learn what's happening on planet earth.

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Future of Energy will always be in Oil and Gas. Yet the Progressive Elitist don't want the average American to use fossil fuels. Have you ever heard of Federal Waters ? Yes that is right folks the Government is profiting from Oil and Gas production in those waters. As long as the Progressive Left stays dumbed down they will never know !

Jacobcoolguy(2433) Clarified
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Tell me, does George Bush care about black people?

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The future of energy should be thorium in one form or another (accelerator driven sub critical reactor looks the most promising) but as there is no nuclear weapons to be had from it there may never be the massive investment required to prove the technology in any practical way.

solar would also be an option for residential power if technology can improve the efficacy of pv panels above the 25% ish they are at the moment but it is unlikely to provide the power required by industry.

Untill then nuclear is probably the least harmful to the planet

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solar and electric. f f f f ff f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f ff f f f f f f f f f f f