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 GOP Rep. Tom Rooney: ‘We’ve Lost All Credibility (6)

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GOP Rep. Tom Rooney: ‘We’ve Lost All Credibility

GOP Rep. Tom Rooney Breaks Ranks On Russia Report: ‘We’ve Lost All Credibility

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"There is evidence that Trump colluded with Russia".

I've been waiting 14 months. Zilch.

So show it to us.

Rep. Rooney: Hicks story shows Russia probe must end

(CNN) Republican Rep. Tom Rooney is calling for an end to the House Intelligence Committee's investigation into possible collusion in Russia's 2016 election meddling, arguing that its only purpose is to drive the media narrative for Democrats.

Rooney, a member of the committee, slammed his Democratic colleagues for leaking former White House communications director Hope Hicks' testimony, where she admitted to telling white lies for President Donald Trump.

"That's why tonight I've asked our Chairman (Mike) Conaway that we need to end this investigation," he told CNN's Erin Burnett on "OutFront." "It's been going on for a year. We've interviewed scores of witnesses and now we've gotten to the point now where we're literally bringing people in for nine hours just so the Democrats can leak to the press something as ridiculous as 'white lies.' "

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Your tiny finger in the dike won't hold the flood back much longer.

Don't forget to turn up the sound.

It's almost Mueller time!
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Don't forget to turn the sound up...*

Supporting Evidence: SNL no collusion (

We’ve Lost All Credibility

But they haven't had any credibility since Nixon?

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Good point