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Germany should repay the jews for damage done in WW2

Make of it what you like...

I mean British people have been giving millions a year to Africa via charities, whether this is becuse they feel guilty for the slave trade or not is unknown but the Jewish people haven't recieved anything from the germans.


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I would say that would be very nice of them to do that.

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Stanivuk(5) Disputed
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Nice of them? But they already have payed.. a lot.[argument explaining that]

Wasn't that nice enough? If not, who would determine how much more they would need to pay? And who would explain why this issue was brought up now?

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I'm thinking of a multiple step plan to protect jews from german scum:

1)Germans shouldn't be allowed to enter the shops of jews ensure that only jews are allowed to buy the upper class goods that are sold in jewish stores.

2) to keep the jewish race pure germans cannot marry nor have sexual relations with jews.

3) Jews are allowed to have their own private army to protect them, this is to be made up of germans so jews don't get harmed in fights and should also be run by germans so that jews don't get tired out thinking of menial things like violent disputes. It should have some catchy name to it to maybe "Nazi's".

4) Jews should have special places allocated for just their elite race, it should be surrounded by barbed wire and and wire fencing to protect the jews from german wannabe's trying to get in, they must also be escorted everywhere by "their" private army.

5) As soon as a jewish person dies they are to be cremated or buried at german expense.

6) jews can be escorted to there special camps by train which they can travel on for free.

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I agree with this in many ways. It does seem kind of like a pay back judging by some of the points but none the less I agree with parts of it. It could lead to problems such as Jews being viewed as better than Germans which today does not seem appropriate as Germany is not what it once was.

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If you compare my list to the Holocaust you might get the joke...

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Restitution is a must by Germany. What Germany did to the Jewish people was horrifying and reprehensible.

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They should have been repaid at the end of WWII. But unfortunately for them, the German economy was devastated, and no such reparations could have been made. Now, most of the former Nazis have been killed, or have died of old age. It would be senseless to expect modern Germany to pay reparations to the Jews because almost none of the German citizens today had anything at all to do with the genocide.

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Axmeister(4325) Disputed
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Exactly the same could be said for us British and the slave trade but we're still dishing out the cash even in a recession

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After WW2 (in 1948) Israel declared independence on Palestinian territory temporarily held by Britain at that time.[1] This has caused tensions that we still see today and was done with the blessing of the US - the Jewish people has been given a country at long last. (Read/listen_to Chomsky to find out more about the connection between Israel and the US)

On the other hand, Germany was forced to pay very high reparations; figures very from $33 billion[2] to $61 billion payed to Israel and Third Reich victims. And privately they paid even more.[3]

Also, they have apologized to Jews and condemned Hitler and the Third Reich. Therefor I see no need to punish them further, at least not formally. I'm sure they privately still donate money.

So, the horrors done to the Jews will (and must) never be forgotten - but, money-wise, if we can even measure such a thing, it can be said that they have been repaid.

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