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Girls should be allowed It is "BOY" Scouts
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Girls have just as much of a right to be in boy scouts as the boys do

Recently females have been allowed into the Boy Scouts of America organization.  A debate has ensued on whether or not this was acceptable and/or necessary.

Girls should be allowed

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It is "BOY" Scouts

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Hello B:

We USED to have men's only dining rooms.. One COULD conclude that it's NOT discrimination because women could eat in other restaurants.. But, it IS discrimination..

This is simple.. All they need to do is change their name to the "Scouts"..

Look.. I understand.. I used to eat in one of those men's only restaurants.. Women should be IN the kitchen preparing food for the men and NOT eating with them.. Amirite?


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Jonminken(2) Disputed
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Well no, dining rooms have not been gender specific since 1963

And, if a girl wanted to be a scout she would join the Girl Scouts

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If you allow girls in scouts, you will end up with scouts in girls. I guarantee it. ;)

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It seems as if the world has no concept of crossing a line anymore, and in particular the left. They see every boundary as something to be broken, an achievement or first to be had. Some things are better left untouched and unexplored. I fear that we are straying towards social decay and perhaps even collapse.

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I totally agree. We are headed towards a social and financial collapse. This political correct socialistic welfare mentality is not sustainable.

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I agree completely, and am glad to see someone else expresses this here on the site. Well worded indeed @Imperium.

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Its called the boy scouts for a reason. If girls want to be a part of this kind of thing so badly, join the girl scouts or stop complaining

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You are talking common sense. The Left does not care about common sense. They have an agenda to transfrom America to a Godless socialistic nation and it matters not how much they trample over common sense.

To them, feminism, Homosexuality, Transgenderism, race bating, support of illegal immigration, No Restriction abortions, etc. etc. are all special interest means to their political strategies.

Girls already have the Girl scouts to join, but the Left is tied hip line and sinker to their feminist base, so therefore they support the most mindless PC fanaticism in order to garner money and votes from their special interest base.

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mrcatsam(526) Clarified
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The reason they're doing this is because for far too long, girls in the girl scouts want to climb trees, shoot guns, swim etc. But they have been stuck to the obligations an old fashioned, obsolete society where women are of no value to the working world. In other words, the girls in the girl scouts have been stuck with cooking, sewing etc when they want to be active.

Boys should also learn how to cook and sew. I love sewing .

I do agree with not integrating them, though, because both boys and girls need a place where they can go and just be themselves with people like them.

Why not just reform the girl scouts to include these activities that boys enjoy? It's very simple.....

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America seems to be going exactly like Europe with all this over the top all inclusive bullshit , it's PC gone mad ; why not just re - brand it Boy / Girl Scouts ?

No doubt a move like this would have protests at the "boy " part being put before the girl part

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We actually agree on something. It's sad you lack the discernment to understand how your usual Leftwing political support has elected the very same political correct politicians who push this all inclusive lunacy.

Wake up please.

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Dermot(5461) Disputed
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I'm not American so I have no hand , act or part in who's elected over there

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Girl Scouts. Its there for a reason. accept the fact that youre biologically a girl and join girl scouts

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