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 Go and see the movie Unplanned. Abby Johnson worked in the Planned P. abortion trade. (3)

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Go and see the movie Unplanned. Abby Johnson worked in the Planned P. abortion trade.

If you want to learn the truth about Planned Parenthood and the abortion trade, go see this movie.

Abby Johnson was one of Planned Parenthood's strongest advocates and worked with them for years. The day came when she participated in an abortion, and witnessed first hand the horrors of seeing a baby fighting for it's life. She instantly became strong pro life and Planned Parenthood's strongest critic.

This is why the Liberal media never shows abortion procedures on TV. They want to keep you in the dark to the inhumanity of taking innocent lives. They know there would be million's of Abby Johnson's out there if they showed abortion procedures. 

If you want to know the truth of the big money abortion trade, rather than what fake news feeds you, go see this movie.
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I liked the movie. Many people who are pro abortion would lose their lunch if they saw a partial birth abortion executed.

Yes, this is the dark secret that the Democrat Party and fake news wants to keep from the people.

The words they like to use for abortion such as "choice", "women's family planning", "women's healthcare", etc. etc. sound so palatable, so positive, so compassionate, so caring, etc. etc., until someone gets to see what is going on behind the closed doors at Planned Parenthood.

They never speak to that side of Planned Parenthood, whereby a baby is killed. It's not just the mother involved in abortions. There are two lives, and the Left will NEVER talk about that second life.

I listened to a woman Democrat running for President, and there was a question from the audience concerning women's healthcare.

I already knew what she would say. I've heard it a thousand times. She went on about Planned Parenthood and the wonderful healthcare provided for women including mammograms, family planning, and many other women's health issues. She of course never mentioned abortion and went on to spew the same deception of how Trump and the GOP are trying to take away women's healthcare by stopping federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

Democrats ALWAYS leave out the part whereby Republicans said they would keep funding for Planned Parenthood if the organization did not include abortions. How simple a compromise would that be? American tax payers are not suppose to be paying for abortions, yet we all do through places like PP.

The Democrats try to say that tax dollars do not go towards the abortion part of Planned Parenthood's business. Oh really?

Lets use that same logic on Germany's concentration camps. Hitler could say that German taxes do not pay for the gas chambers, but only used for other functions at the camp.

How would you like to help subsidize a place of mass killing? If tax payers help keep an organization open by subsidizing parts of it's operation, this frees up money used to continue their inhumanity towards the innocent.

The GOP has stated many times that they want to fund Women's health organizations that do not include abortions. Those words will never cross the lips of Democrats.

I will bet you that the Pro choice people on these debates sites will never go to see the truth of the most contentious issue for 60 years.

They want to bury their heads and deceptively pretend not to know what is going on. By not searching out the truth, they can gleefully keep electing Democrats and putting selfish desires ahead of innocent lives.