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 Goal for Commie Kamala Harris in 2020: Alter "Human Behavior" (40)

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Goal for Commie Kamala Harris in 2020: Alter "Human Behavior"

Campaigning in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina over the weekend, Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) made it clear that she is looking to alter "human behavior."
Harris, a climate alarmist who just signed onto the outrageously expensive and oftentimes incoherent "Green New Deal," essentially argued that tackling environmental issues means politicians conditioning and controlling their constituents — for their own good, of course.

Quite the Totalitarian this Negro Bitch is !!!!!!!!!!!
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"It is a fact that we can change human behaviors without much change to our lifestyle" - Kamala Harris (IDIOT, CA)

What she means is that an oppressive government can change your behavior without affecting her lifestyle and if we'll just elect her, she will begin enforcing a bifurcated, socialist society immediately.

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I’d like to officially announce my candidacy for Empress of the Galaxy!!!

If all you stupid people out there will just send all your money, and surrender all your personal freedom, to me, I will then use it to ensure equality for everyone... (except me, of course.)

Only I have the unique skills to save the Galaxy from its current course, by telling everyone else how they should live, then enforcing my will on everyone, at gunpoint.

I guarantee under my sovereign rule, life will be exponentially better (for me, anyway).

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If all you stupid people out there will just send all your money, and surrender all your personal freedom

The personal freedom that compels me to work to make you rich so I can afford to feed myself? That personal freedom?

outlaw60(14510) Disputed
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What does this mean -Politicians conditioning and controlling their constituents ?

outlaw60(14510) Disputed
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Let's have some fun with you Brit Troll !!!!!!!!!!!

Now here is what your Pet Nigger puked up showing the Nigger is just stupid !!!!!!

"For too long, we have been governed by lawmakers who are beholden to big oil and big coal. They have refused to act on climate change. So it’s on us to speak the truth, rooted in science fact, not science fiction," she continued. "Here’s the truth: climate change is real, and it is an existential threat to our country, our planet, and our future. With each passing day, the imminent threat of climate change grows — and we see it in everything from more instances of extreme weather to rapidly melting glaciers."

The federal government collected $2.5 billion in revenue from onshore oil, gas, and coal production on federal lands in fiscal year 2016, including about $2 billion from royalties.Jun 20, 2017

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The number of people in employment has increased by over 3 million since 2010. the UK has the third highest employment rate in the G7. the number of workers aged 50 plus has reached a record 10 million.Jan 24, 2018

Are you confused you fuckin idiot ?????????????

outlaw60(14510) Disputed
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Is one to work in the UK altering the behavior of those that do not want to to work? Clear up your confusion here !!!!!!!!!!!

outlaw60(14510) Disputed
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Can u tell us what are the numbers on the slave population in the UK !!!!!!!!!!

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I feel this self-opinionated egotist needs to consider altering her own outrageous behavior before suggesting that others should change.

The fact that she has appointed herself as some sort of moral judge on other people's behavior and feels qualified to infuse her own perceived notions of how people should behave clearly shows that she possesses all the hallmarks of a Grandiose Dictator'.

If that megalomaniac gained more power than she has now by becoming President the National Anthem would have to be changed from' God Bless America, to God Save America.

I don't think I've ever listened ( albeit briefly) to a more pompous and arrogant bitch in my entire life.

She is a true RACIST full of hatred and harbours a vengeful spite towards ALL WHITE PEOPLE.

excon(12376) Disputed
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harbours a vengeful spite towards ALL WHITE PEOPLE.

Hello racist:

You say that as if YOU, YOURSELF don't harbor HATRED for all black people... But, of course you DO, and we KNOW you do.. You're the fucking racist. YOU..



outlaw60(14510) Disputed
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SUPER STUPID is singing from the PARTY SHEET MUSIC and that is seen by the key word RACIST !!!!!!!!!!! But your DUMB ASS has yet to this point call out your ANTI-SEMITES in the DEMORAT PARTY !!!!!!!! And you CLAIM to be a JEW ????????????

outlaw60(14510) Disputed
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Racist is all you IDIOTS have and why is that DUMMY ???????? And why is it Leftist complain about WHITE PRIVILEGE ? Is that not RACIST you FUCKIN IDIOT ? Can your DUMB ASS explain how FUCKED UP your THOUGHT PROCESS is ??????

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OH! OUTLAW! Admit it! You just don't like people that are a different color!

outlaw60(14510) Disputed
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The DUMB BITCH types this -OH! OUTLAW! Admit it! You just don't like people that are a different color!

But the IDIOT has a problem with 1/3 of the population ! OLD MAN i cannot figure out your confusion and by what you type neither can you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AlofRI(2686) Clarified
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The difference is, I don't have a bit of a problem because of the COLOR of that 1/3. I'm not surprised that you can't figure that out because it's slightly above "simple".

In fact, I don't have anything against the "female" members of that 1/3 … You DO know what "Dumb Bitch" refers to, don't you?? SHAME! No respect for people of color, no respect for women. No wonder you can't "figure" me out. I'm more "Christian-like" ;-). Do you even like animals?? Maybe THEY have to be white and male also???

HMMM! Maybe I hit on something there! You just like white MALES! :-) But then, you should LOVE ME!!?

Can I quote YOU now??? "LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

outlaw60(14510) Disputed
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DUMMY do you know the COLOR of the 1/3 of the population you do not like ?

OLD MAN you IDIOTS are too STUPID and DUMB even to have a BRAIN FART !!!!!!!!!