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God gets a lot of attention nowadays.

The only topic that really stirs up all that much conversation are the ones which debate over the existence of god. I'd hope we'd be more original over time. In fact, god is brought up so much, I've become disinterested in religion, DISINTERESTED! I used to get a kick out of a logical bashing, but nowadays it feels like the same old nonsense. Maybe we should brainstorm some new big ideas like, something as silly as, the god fiasco.

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I can see it now, this is going to be the most redundant second-hand god debate ever.

Post from Apollo: "God debates ARE overrated"

Dispute from Ismalia: "No they're not. leave me alone"


So it goes

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LOL, that made me giggle so much. X)

Though I think Apollo would add a bit more than that. To back up his argument.

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Apollo(1606) Disputed
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I don't recall ever saying that. The existence of God is going to a defining question of our time.

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Akulakhan(2973) Disputed
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Look, I'm not quoting you, I'm making a mock scenario about the redundancy of debating god's importance.

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Well, to be fair, 2 billion people or so worship him. It's quite hard to not get attention when you're that famous. He's like Tom Cruise, I guess.

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Yep God gets so much attention from so many Christians around the world. I will look forward to His second coming!

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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You mean when the majority of humanity gets thrown into a burning pit of fire and all of the Christians get to have a blast for eternity what with the apple cider parties and scrabble tournaments?

hurraaaaaaaaaaay........................ Jesus is coming (he says without enthusiasm)

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This is like a trailer for his second coming ;)

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We need someone to blame all of our problems and the Christian god is just too much fun to gripe at. I mean, really, this has to be the only entity that you can freely bash within the safe knowledge that he can't beat you up for it.

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Not just now days, pretty much always has. Much of western civilization was formed around him. The big difference these days is that atheists feel more secure in stating their mind.

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I think as more and more Americans are beginning to feel that religious institutions are antiquated, they are looking for venues to express those feelings in a society where atheism is very much taboo, and so those same people turn to the anonymity of the Internet.

If the non-religious all organized it would be a hugely powerful voting block, but many are afraid of the backlash or are simply apathetic. The result is that only the zealously atheistic are heard, which brings a lot of negative PR on all of the irreligious. It seems you can't even become president without explicitly stating your christian faith in this country.

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I think that in America, the non-believers have been more apathetic in the past. And now that they are coming out and voicing their opinions, people tend to see them as vitriolic, strident or disrespectful. However, if we were to play the blame game, the non-religious can also call the religious vitriolic, strident and disrespectful, especially when you have Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on your door every other day. But, if we were to point fingers, (1) it provides no solution to this great philosophical and scientific problem/question of God and (2) we are only exacerbating intolerance. I think the key to this is that people need to recognise that atheistic or atheological speech is not hate speech and it is an expression of freedom of religion as well. Conversely, non-religious people should not cross the line and engage in petty personal attacks against the religious.

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The likes of Hitchens and Dawkins are brilliant thinkers, orators, and skeptics. But the way they go about is not the way forward. It is why the common atheist is so poorly mislabeled, they think that we're all going to launch some ethnic cleansing, when all we want is voices heard in every society. I'm glad I live in a country where religion has little to no influence. I feel sorry for every atheist in America though...

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What is God? A super-thingie of nebulous ambiguity? A one size fits all security blanket for the ignorant and superstitious? Ask 20 ppl what God is and you get twenty different answers. Ask where god is and you get the same. God is and does whatever anyone says, whatever anyone chooses to believe. God is the hero of western revenge fantasy. An elaborate contradiction guilded in emotional appeals. God's truth is not to be found beyond death. That would require a functioning brain. God is just a sugarcube.

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ChuckHades(3198) Disputed
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What is God

In the classical monotheistic sense, God is the supernatural, personal creator of everything, who is omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent and omnipresent.

A super-thingie of nebulous ambiguity

Meh, sure, why not?

A one size fits all security blanket for the ignorant and superstitious?

See above.

ask 20 ppl what God is and you get twenty different answers.

Doubt it. Ask 20 theists and you'll get pretty much the same answer. Ask 20 atheists and you'll get pretty much the same answer. And so on.

God is the hero of western revenge fantasy.

God is not western. God is an iron age Palestinian.

God is just a sugarcube.


You've stumped me.

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nahga(81) Disputed
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all ppl of a particular church do not have the same idea of god. all ppl of a denomination dont have the same idea of god. nor do all ppl of a city or culture or era. what a dictionary describes as 'god in a monotheistic sense' is perfectly irrelevant. Obviously I am referring to opinions, not standardized definitions. you shouldve gotten that from "ask 20 different ppl and you get twenty different answers'. we are not machines, we are human beings, with different views , different philosophies and different concepts of our personal gods. why do i even have to say this? God as the hero of western revenge fantasy is just one of god's many guises. you shouldnt get the idea that god is one thing specifically defined because ancient and contemporary world culture, myth and superstition shows that god/ gods are not, and all of this goes without saying. yea it does get lonely around here.

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