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 God is a lie, you probably can't change my mind. (7)

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God is a lie, you probably can't change my mind.

No proof. 
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Many people give a generous amount of their time and energy to religion, of some sort at least. I just dont see the point in any of it, it's all random speculation, none of which has any proof of any sort.

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For a lie, you sure seem concerned about it.

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For a strong atheist like you, ofcourse you would say that. Some people thinks they already have a proof but they did not found it by their eyes, it's in the prayer. Where if that someone challengly wish to a god who he doubtly exist but then that wish would become true in the other day multiple times then he/she would believe it (not precisely but some do)

Some just won't pray ofcourse it's against their pride to do it, just don't care ,don't give a concern and there's no need. That's why I came to the conclusion that the only one who prays is the one who are needy, the one who thinks they can't do something by themselves, also the one who was indoctrinated.

Also, people believe it coz they take bible seriously, was indoctrinated or either they don't doubt it and lastly they found comfort by the Bible's good words.

I'm not changing your mind, just gives clearer view about the opposite perspective of yours coz if an atheist like you don't understand Christians, you would end up insulting them like most atheist does.

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It is not you who I must change the mind of, for your ignorance of Goddess Fiora is why you suffer and I prosper, without you suffering, can others prosper at your expense?

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There are many perspectives on god in many different religions and philosophies. Perhaps you were familiarized with a concept of god that completely lacks evidence for god’s existence. There are other perspectives in which god is defined in such a way that god necessarily exists. Perhaps your response to such definitions would be that they do not reflect your understanding of god, which necessarily lacks proof. But your perspective isn’t a fault in their definition.

Perhaps god is a lie because of your perspective. If so, you would have to change your conceptualization of god before your mind could change on god’s existence.

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Everybody knows God exists it's you just suppress the truth with your unrighteousness according to Romans 1.

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And that is exactly why you will burn in Hell. Sucks to be you.