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God is not some Bleeding heart Liberal handing out unconditional universal salva

For all the Christians who believe God is a bleeding heart Liberal,  I want you to think about God's word, and how there are consequences for our choices in life. The words in the Bible are an insight into God's rationale on today's no fault bleeding heart anything goes mindset.

Does God say he will help all people no matter what they believe or choose to do in life? Does he say he will keep them all safe for eternity no matter what? Universal Heaven?

No, God says we as human beings do not receive unconditional salvation in our lives. He gives us choices, and those choices will dictate our futures.

There are many millions of people in this world who live it up, spend every nickel they make on themselves and their fun in life. Then when they have some health problems, they want other people to pay for their medical needs.

This is what Conservatives are against. If we can not afford healthcare, we all have a choice and a responsibility to pass up that nice expensive cell phone, or expensive vacation, or expensive alcohol, or expensive cigarettes, or cars, etc.

There are millions of irresponsible people who never save for a rainy day, never save for their health insurance, or health bills.

These people always seem to find money for cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, etc. but when it comes to their health, they just don't have the money.

A cartoon (ten packs) of cigarettes today can cost up to $80! Do you know what that would cost per month? That alone would help pay for their healthcare!

Conservatives are fine with paying for life threatening illnesses if the person has no means of paying for it, but we do not want universal healthcare for elective or minor illnesses. Our nation is 20 Trillion in debt and we can not afford it!

If people refuse to save for their health, I sure do not want to pay for it just so they can enjoy their vices and fun playthings.

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So the next time you say that we should all give our money for universal healthcare because it's what God wold have Christians do? Don't!

God is not a bleeding heart no fault kind of guy. God realizes that the no fault mentality leads to millions more broken lives.


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I, for one, never saw "God" as a bleeding heart liberal in ANY way. It was his (alleged) SON who was, in many ways, as liberal as it gets.

We should not judge the son for the sins of the father.

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Sounds to me that someone hasn't read the New Testament.

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Sure have. In Revelation, Christ strikes down the sinners and pours wrath per the judgement of God on a world of iniquity.

As for Socialism, Jesus never fed anyone who wasn't following him. That's more like tribalism. Anything else?