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Graffiti is awesome!!! It's a mere act of vandalism
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Graffiti. Art or Vandalism?

Graffiti is modern art


Graffiti is awesome!!!

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It's a mere act of vandalism

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Will you still claim that it's not art? Watch this video and try to persuade me that I'm mistaken. I guess it won't be easy to do))

Street Art
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... I mean...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this video takes place in a studio, not on the side of a bridge or a road sign...

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Don't forget about Bansky the world's most famous graffitti artist-and the documentary Exit through the giftshop

exit through the giftshop
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Graffiti isnt art or vandalism. It is what people make of it. Graffiti can be used in different ways. If someone wants to use it to vandalise and damage public buildings or public places, then yes i guess it is vandalism. But then if someone wants to express themselves through using graffiti, with style and imagination then yes i guess it is a style of art. But thats just my opinion.

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Graffitit isnt just art or vandalism its a life form it mean something to to the world bad or not its just a way to express our feelings about it emotions spreaded around it grafiti is an art form and belongs to the world and believe it what you think of it is just wat you see as vandalism or art I dont I see a life being born

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If there is a designated area for Graffiti, there can be freedom to create. Graffiti is an urban expression and folks will soon see the artistic merits.

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I hardly want to take this extreme, but I think it is vandalism. In the vast majority of buildings, it's not wanted and doesn't look good. However, it does have a time and a place, and it should be tolerated where appropriate, where it looks good, and is in keeping with the general aesthetic.

There's a difference between an amazing graffiti work at a skate park, and on some big office. That's the difference between art & vandalism.

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If done with the taste and style like the one to the left, then yes, I think it is art. But a big cock sprayed on an office building is not in anyway art.

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I always meet with this "kind of art" on the streets. In some times i agree that it is cool, i mean really cool. Nevertheless in most cases it's trash and of course act of vandalism. I think that, some people can not find way of self-expression, and from here are terrible consequences. People don't mind how much money government spend to correct their deeds. I advise them to not change themselves but find another way to express themselves. May be they will recognize and do smth that can make happy people...

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