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NomencIature(17) pic

Grammar is more important than the actual argument

If you can't even type perfect English all the time with 0 typos or creative license it doesn't matter how good your argument is, that alone gives me license to ignore everything you say. I have never made a typo ever in my life because I'm British and we do not tolerate that shit.


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Nom would never disregard your argument on the solitary grounds that your grammar is poor. You are trying to use bad grammar as an excuse for making shit arguments.

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Daegonius(328) Disputed
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Evalewshion iz carrakt.

God is real.

Tha skae ez bleu.

The sky is the same colour as Nomenclature's anus after it got ripped in half by a brobdingnagian black cock.

Darf vaydir keeled obie wand chonobee.

Luke Skywalker fucked his sister in the ass like a black man fucked excon in prison.

See, you can still be right even if your grammar sucks. And you can still be wrong even if you have perfect grammar.

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