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So, I finally did it. I accomplished one of the most difficult things on this website that seemed impossible. I was able to troll outlaw60 until he gave his first ever argument on this website. He has created over 600 debates and posted over 5000 comments and had never once made a real argument. I finally got him to make a real argument for his position. He quoted actual data from a research paper to discredit the overall findings of the research paper. Of course he asked a really dumb question that didn't make sense in the context of the discussion we were having, and of course if you look at the rest of the debate he said some really dumb things before he made a real argument, but he did do something he has never done before. 

So, what has been your greatest accomplishment on this website? 
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Just being myself. Saying whatever I feel needs said.

Don't agree? Meh. That doesn't bother me.

But congrats on getting Outlaw to try at least once on being anything other than a troll.

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Congratulations on trolling NowASaint. It is hilarious to see him responding so much in a debate he said he wouldn't respond in.

Supporting Evidence: Nice trolling (
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Well, as you respond so frequently to other people's threads you deserve an answer.

But, the problem is I cannot think of anything which I have achieved.

Surely there must be something I say to myself, but nothing is coming to mind.

If I have a ''light bulb'' moment I'll get back to you.

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Thank you for responding. I hope you are able to come up with something.

Antrim(1304) Clarified
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Eureka, You felt obliged to say 'thank you' to me.

During my time on this forum I've never seen a ''thank you'' from you before.

Now that's both flattering and an achievement, thank you.

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Phew well. I'd say at one point my greatest accomplishment was cornering a certain...few persons a debate where they couldn't answer a question without looking like an ass or admitting that they were whatever they were claiming they aren't. Also pointing out their hypocrisy. But it's become so dang common now it's just another Tuesday.

Maybe it was when someone didn't like the facts I was presenting so he made up some completely bullcrap "evidence" regarding my alleged behavior on this site and tried to blackmail me thinking I'd cower and shut up. HAH like that'd happen. ;D

I've never pissed someone off so much they went to such extremes to stop debating as opposed to just...ya know...ignoring it.