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Can anyone tell me where is can get vitamin F or K-2 on a plant based diet?
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Just feed plants to a pig and then eat the pig. ....................................................

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I agree. Pork is likely a good source of F'n K too! ............;-).

Sv3rige(160) Clarified
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This is for vegan to try convincing me the plants alone can adequately nutritious a human. I know the pork is good lol :)

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I found a site (link below) that said the following are good sources of vitamin F:

- - Grape seed oil

- - Almonds

- - Peanuts

- - Avocados

- - Spirulina

- - Sprouts

- - Wheat germ

- - Flaxseed Oil

- - Oils of grains, nuts and seeds, such as soybean, walnuts, sesame, and sunflower


Wikipedia has a good article on Vitamin K-2, that discusses the make-up/types and what food sources have which types.

The non animal sources are:

- - Sauerkraut

- - Buckwheat Bread

- - Chocolate

There are a lot of dairy sources.

And of course, there is meat.

The fact is that for both Vitamins F and K-2, you do best to eat some animal products. The healthiest diets include some meat. We evolved as omnivores, which is why we have the teeth, intestines, and pancreas we do.

Sv3rige(160) Clarified
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The vitamin F is not complete in the plant based sources, the omega 6 proportion is much higher than the omega 3, for humans these are pretty supposed to much be the other way around. and for the K vitamin there is no plant source actually because the K-2 in those source is from BACTERIA or is only a small amounts of K-1 because K is more of an animal hormone than even a vitamin. The truth is that we MUST be eating the many meats because humans are evolved to eating the meat.

Vitamin tables exist. Are you going to argue some 'nature is better' thing? That's what vegans argue so I'm curious why you take this stance.

Sv3rige(160) Disputed
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Humans are evolutionally supposed to eat meat, veganism is totally unnatural. organ meat has the most vitamins.