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 Half the nation voted for the Democrat Party this past Presidential election... (8)

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Half the nation voted for the Democrat Party this past Presidential election...

This means that half of America supports killing viable unborn babies for any reason! They of course lack the honesty to admit what they support, and simply deny the facts. We will just ignore their deceptive dysfunctional rhetoric.

So if you are a baby boomer coming to retirement age, does this give you warm and fuzzy feelings about your right to life as you get older?
Think about it, over the centuries, most decent loving human beings have done their best to protect our most innocent vulnerable babies because they could never fend for themselves.

So as you get older, and lose the ability to fend for yourself, and start becoming too expensive for the Left's universal healthcare, what do you think half of the nation will be screaming for? The same thing they scream for when it comes to inconvenient babies... "ABORTION ON DEMAND", "CHOICE"!

But in this case they will not be screaming "ABORTION ON DEMAND", or "CHOICE"!
They will come up with another palatable catch phrase that does not seem so barbaric. Maybe... Euthanasia for fairness?  It's not fair you should have to pay for old people right? Just like abortion where you do not want to pay for unwanted babies.

When a nation censor's it's Christian heritage from the public domain, what do you suppose will fill that vacuum of humanity? Self love!

I believe it will look like something out of a Steven King novel. Wait a minute......... it already does. What man kind is willing to sacrifice for self is a scary thing to see.

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It's beginning to look a lot like the me me generation...not me too.

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If it’s makes you feel better, voter turnout was actually 61.4%

FromWithin(7437) Clarified
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I can always count on you to hold me accountable for accuracy :)

Ok, so there was approximately 30.7% that voted for Democrats and 38.6% that did not vote.

Like I always say, when a person does not care enough about viable babies to vote, he might as well be in the same camp with the No Restriction abortion people.

So I will add the two together and come up with 69.3% of our population that would look the other way as Gram-pa Jones is Euthanized.

Therefore it is even worse than I thought.

Amarel(4959) Clarified
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Therefore it is even worse than I thought.

Well, I tried.

If all Conservative minded people actually voted, the Democrats wouldn't have any physical path to the Presidency.

I argue that if all Conservatives in California voted, Cali would turn red. Cali voted in Bush Sr. not that long ago.

FromWithin(7437) Clarified
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I have a hard time calling someone a Conservative when they lack the initiative to vote. If these issues of life and death can not spur a person to vote, then I would put them in the camp of low end voters or low end no voters.

But I get your point.

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Pretty much true, but I'll tell you something. If you meet 500 people, you'll meet 400+ who can't even tell you a basic difference between Democrats and Republicans. Most people go to work or sit at home doing drugs, and the only thing they hear is what ABC said on the news, if they even hear that. Political education would destroy the left.

I saw a video one time where the guy goes out and asks people about politics, and when they knew nothing, he'd not tell them which party and just list topics and positions. Almost every one of them picked the right wing position. Point? Conservative is your natural, instinctual way of thinking. Left is an unnatural, brainwashed and manipulated way of thinking.