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Yes and I'm crawling in! I hope so!
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Has Trump finally s**t the bed?

Has Trump finally gone too far?  Will a significant part of his support finally drop away?  I hope so.

Yes and I'm crawling in!

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I hope so!

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Naaaah. Libs don't grasp that we all see them as emotional drama queens who manufacture crisis as a deceptive political weapon. We just ignore them and roll our eyes. They are like the little boy who cried wolf. You lie enough times, no one believes you any more.

Seperating kids from parents at the border happened for 8 years under Obama. Even liberal media reported on it.

Supporting Evidence: Same thing with Obama story (
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Rusticus(1623) Disputed
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Grasp this

Supporting Evidence: How Trump's zero-tolerance policy differs (
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Godzilla(63) Disputed
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Cool. What I got from that was Obama did it but less, so you were cool with him putting them in cages and seperating kids from their parents because he's not Trump. Simplified, consistently seperating law breaking families is bad. Doing it randomly gets a pass. Why? No lib can tell you.

Nevermind that Obama deported more illegals than the mean man and never put forth anything to give dreamers a path to citizenship while the mean man put it on the table.

Back to real life for a moment. We both know libs went to this issue because they can't talk about the economy, the market, jobs, or unemployment and win.

Grasp that.

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