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Has politics basically come down to left is socialist right is capitalist


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For decades I have been calling the Democrat Party the closeted Socialist Party.

They just lacked the honesty to admit it. They have been waiting patiently with each added Social Program to a time when the electorate was ready for them to come out of the closet.

Bernie Sanders was their first step at tip toeing out of the closet. As they get more and more young people addicted to Government, they will finally admit who they truly are.

This is how Liberal's operate. They are deceptive people who never tell you their true agendas until they have conditioned the people to swallow it.

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left is socialist right is capitalist

Hello bront:

Nahhh.. I'm bout as left as you get, and as capitalistic as you get.. How do you splain ME????



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Nahhh.. I'm bout as left as you get

Communism is about as left as you can get.

and as capitalistic as you get.. How do you splain ME????

Social liberal. Fiscal Conservative.

Also, the JFK/Bill Clinton/Jimmy Carter version of Liberalism, looks more like the modern Republican Party than the modern Democratic Party.




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FromWithin(6832) Disputed
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Another laughable denial by a person on the Left.

I will repeat a former question to show you how phony your words.

I asked if a person who voted for a slave trader could claim to be against slavery.

The answer is obviously NO!

The same answer would apply to a phony who votes for the Democrat (Socialist) Party, and then claims to be against Socialism.

Your words ring hollow and are baseless when the facts show you support the Party of closeted Socialists.

Please spare us all your technical definition of a Socialist. You know exactly what we are talking about and you know full well the direction that the Democrat Party is moving this nation. They love Socialist Europe and spend every year pushing us further in that direction.

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Nahhh.. I'm bout as left as you get, and as capitalistic as you get.. How do you splain ME????

If you're a capitalist then you're not as far left as you can get at all. You are probably just a mainline liberal.

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I think the political spectrum is a poor way to describe a political position.

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