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Have You Noticed That Hitler Has Started Making His Debates Private Access?

To stop me debunking his hilarious far right lies and Israeli Zionist bullshit?

He only lets in other Nazis. LOL.

No surprise that Amarel walked right on in there.


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He's literally too frightened to let me respond. What a hilarious little prick. LOL

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You're not missing much. Same old retarded bullshit. Hitler was a Communist, Liberals are Nazis etc... He's fully lost the plot since Andy banned his main account.

He can't even console himself by hugging his kids because they hate him too. You can start to see why he's so bitter and angry all the time. A complete lack of intelligence coupled with no moral compass.

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FletchLives(82) Disputed
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Still a virgin aren't you? Get used to it. You'll be 80 having never been touched.

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All I noticed was that your picture looks like you have no hair on your nutsack.

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