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 Have you ever noticed how non Christians seldom admit their own irresponsibility? (2)

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Have you ever noticed how non Christians seldom admit their own irresponsibility?

Why is it that so many non Christians seem incapable of seeing or admitting their own sins? They have such disdain for our children's well being because admitting the cause of all the broken homes would be incriminating themselves?

I have found very few true pro life atheists. They seldom take their supposed pro life positions to the ballot box when electing our politicians. They simply ignore how the Democrat party supports No Restriction abortions. The issue of killing even healthy viable babies does not register on their list of priorities when voting. They simply deny their own culpability.

I have debated Progressives who are not even willing to admit that one night hook ups are irresponsible and immoral. They have no problem with the risks of pregnancy or diseases from such irresponsible choices.

I have debated non believers who refuse to speak out against parents who abandon their children. To them a case worker must be good enough.
They refuse to speak out against this self love anything goes culture of broken families and unwanted children.

These same supposedly compassionate people watch as our children are treated like Government ping pongs, never giving one voice of anger towards promiscuous lifestyles that keep creating so many broken children.

Their answer? More Government case workers, more social programs to put band-aids on a problem that keeps getting worse, more No Restriction abortions. They have real life disdain for our most innocent because the only true answer is to admit their own immoral lifestyles as being the culprit. Without God, they lack the ability to admit their own sins.

You will notice how the Left is so quick to take never ending money, pandering to those living irresponsible lives, rather than speaking out against the irresponsibility destroying so many children lives.

These same people are so quick to judge Christians, or capitalists, or Home Schooler's, or private family owned businesses refusing to cater events going against their faith, or pro second amendment people, etc., etc.
The Left constantly speaks out against these people because those are the issues that concern them..... not the children!

How often do we hear about the plight of LGBTQSVWXYZ groups. Why no concern for our children? I guess they do not fit into a Political Correct sexual orientation. Our children can not vote and therefore no concern!
Newsflash, welfare is a miserable life for a child. It is not the answer! A child needs love from their real parents, not some case worker.

Without God, people live in total denial to the causes of this immoral gutter they keep ignoring.
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We need a new slogan.... give a child his own parent, not some case worker in a foster home.

Stop the cycle and start speaking out to the true causes of broken homes and broken lives.


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If a "parent" is willing to abandon their child then a case worker is going to be a damn site better at taking care of the child then the ones who should but aren't. His slogan is to leave a child in a terrible situation until someone volunteer's the take the child in? That's not only ridiculous but cruel to the poor kid.

Not to mention his idea of "debating" is really just lecturing the same thing over and over again while trying to tell everyone what they must believe, even when they say the exact opposite.