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 Have you noticed how Pro abortion people say that abortions should be rare? (5)

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Have you noticed how Pro abortion people say that abortions should be rare?


If that unborn baby is but a clump of cells, why should abortions be rare? If it's a living growing human life (which Science declares it to be), then it should be protected by laws just as your life is protected.

Then Pro abortion fanatics will say it should be rare because abortion is a hard thing for women to go through. WHY? If it's but a clump of cells, why is abortion hard for a woman to go through?
If it's a living growing human life, THEN OF COURSE KILLING IT IS A HARD THING TO GO THROUGH!

We have laws protecting your life, and we make it hard for others to kill you! UNDERSTAND?

The utter selfish depravity from those on the Left shows how dictators over the ages come to be. Dictators always single out a group of people who are inconvenient to them, and make laws legalizing their deaths.

When you scream at pro life people, telling them to stay out of a woman's body, WE DO!
It's the other body inside of her we want to protect from those who would kill for sake of convenience. We will tell you the same thing...

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The first person who talks about life of mother abortions will be banned from this debate.

No one is denying these types of extreme case abortions.

STICK TO WHAT YOU SUPPORT WHEN VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS! You support all abortions for any reason.

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Hypocrite, you always say that the left wants no restriction abortions in all cases, yet you have this double standard expectation that people shouldn't assume all right wingers are fully against all abortion. Your generalization is just as bad, but suddenly when it comes to the right things are so nuanced and no one should lump you in with any stereotype.

FromWithin(7671) Disputed
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You almost came up with an actual intelligent response. Do you have any idea how rare that is from a Liberal?

But of course, your response was way off base.

When did I ever say all Republicans were pro life? Most are, but I would never vote for the ones who are not. Can you grasp what I'm saying to you?

Let me explain the obvious to you. Every time a vote comes up in Congress, such as the Republican's 20 week abortion limit compromise Bill (which still allows extreme case late term abortions), the votes are always the same.

There are approximately 97% of Democrats who vote down the Bill, and 97% Republicans who try to pass the Bill. They need 60 votes in the Senate, and Trump said he would sign the Bill when they get it!

The day the Democrat Party ever puts up a pro life candidate for President, would be the day I might actually consider voting for the person.

But that day will never come because about 97% of the Democrat Party is radical Pro abortion and live and breathe by what their Feminist and Pro abortion base dictates.

FromWithin(7671) Disputed
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You just created another puppet account 8 hrs. ago, so I'm sure you are the same hateful bigot I ban from my debates.

Since you reframed from spewing your hate, and almost had an intelligent response, I will give you one more try.

FromWithin(7671) Disputed
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That did not take long...

You created a debate with my name in the title, just so you could insult me.

Obviously you had no intelligent response to what I said to you, and you no longer wanted to debate.

It took all of five seconds to add yet another joke to my ban list.