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Hellno takes the Leaderboard. Will you join this party?

.I just noticed that the best Create Debater there is took the Leaderboard today. Please join me in celebrating this.


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Yay! ;)

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Envy is a deadly sin.  

Side: No.

I have no envy. I am happy that Hellno is doing good. .

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When did what essentially boils down to trolling become debating?

I have tried looking through his activity and I have seen little to no actual debating occur. Am I missing something?

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Hellno is a neat person. He has a good sense of humor. It is ironic that you revile trolling whilst you yourself are trolling. ;)

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So you.... like...plan these things?

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A shit-eating party? No, thank you.

I know many of you on this site like to gobble up the shit he posts.

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Hellno is the best debater on this site. He is a sweet and accepting person.

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BigOats(813) Disputed
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I haven't seen him debate anything.

But, once again, many people on this site like the taste of his shit.

Side: No.