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Here is a list of trolls and puppet accounts

Here is a partial list of trolls and puppet accounts.  I'm sure there are many more that are not in the list.  The vast majority of them are Brontoraptor and he is continually creating new ones.  It's pretty obvious that Andy has given up on the site.

brontoraptor, outlaw60, dbcooper, fromwithin, saintnow, nowasaint, grittyworm, atheistchimp, stiflersmom, subcreature, negligentt, cucumbercat, mr_bombastic, truthprayer, justtruth, bellasmella, jaywoosh, evil-kin, godisnotdead, chinaman, tzarpepe, factmachine, mcdanksauce, cabbagedrone, gore, mingodalia, omegapan, pauljwatson, prestrump, alexjones, antrim, patcondell, viceregent, cyclops, quantomhead, carettop, pennywise, nomsgremlin, obamasgoblin, american_boy, michiokaku, joeblogs, rick_zeta5a, potatosalad, slavedevice, xmethfanx, jony, sterrick, cucumberhole, balrog, biggiesmalls, truthbot, fehhzi, hotlesbian, kikithesquid, lryuuzaki, mrmilkman, american_boy, sasuke, joliesgoblin, frogofoz, 0fucksgiven, trannywalrus, alphabull, georgewbush, vegpolice, hannibal, singularity, truthmachine, wormpod, joliegremlin, godzilla, liberalapple, fungusofham, angeloftruth, the0bserver, darthsldious, xmathmachine, bambibabbles, factfanx, tupac, lotussnot, anomally, piofbulls, themadgadfly, exconshound, cocopops, presclinton, dmx2, hitlersmom, therainmaker, adolphhitler, adolfhitler, nomenhead, objective, illil, wankmaster, emin3m, diediediedie, darkhelmet, misery, manwe, kunolaho, ulmo, aule, anomally, zuul, alphapot, blackjesus,  grenachestot, pepperpot, libwitstache, putin, putinbot, numberone, numberones, nomberone, numbertwo, numberthree, numberfour, numberfive, numbersix, numberseven, numbereight, numbernine, numberten, number13, outlawschimp, holy_wars, woahvicky, angelofrot, punuqoxi, exconshound, joeblogggs, lgbtelitist, lolgavip, patidar, grenachestot, gozersk9, auntiefaw, haytham, connorkenway, arnodorian, warrenvidic, sterrick, theoria, almualim, altair, tyrion, cercei, thejonsnow, masteryoda, factmochine, ayatollah, jazzmaster, kemitprince, rothschild, obiwan, theangryplum, dermotsroach, montyspython, nomsgod, brotherdawud, rahiim, jesusislord, cateyedrabbi, matsudasan
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I have one account. You are mistaken. Quantum head has about 150 accounts. You should investigate him. It would clean up the site.

Quantumhead(733) Disputed
1 point

Quantum head has about 150 accounts.

I wish this site had a block feature.

Quantumhead(733) Disputed
1 point

First you claim to have only one account.

Then you expose yourself immediately as a liar.

If you only have one account, then who are all the other trolls who insist I have 100-150 accounts?

1 point

Every troll puppet is you. You even debate against yourself at times. You also have so many enemies on the site, you are probably being accused by them and sometimes yourself disguised as puppets. You also do not deny that you are Nom or Ramshutu when I have accused you multiple times. A sure sign of guilt.

1 point

I have even given you a comprehensive way to spot your puppets, yet you still give them away.

Common words and phrases:




Whole lot of wanker going on

Turning language upside down

Neo Nazi



No normal, sane person speaks like this. I am a serious debater, and you are not. Too bad.

2 points

brontoraptor is replying to this debate right now, his reply will be posted right around the time this one is.

1 point

Thanks for sharing dude !

Thanks for the effort, dude. That's a pretty comprehensive list.

I'm half-certain than bronto is actually some type of paid shill.

addltd(5117) Disputed
5 points, there are no paid shills for this site. What scares me about that is that yes, these people really exist...

BrotherDawud(7) Clarified
4 points


Please do something about Quantumhead AKA Nomenclature AKA NumberOne etc. etc. He has literally 100 accounts and they all spam the site every day with obscenities and absurdities.

cruzaders(341) Clarified
2 points

Can you do something about this ?

0 points, there are no paid shills for this site. What scares me about that is that yes, these people really exist...

Ahaha! Fair enough.

1 point

Phew, you must have carried out a lot of exhausting research.

Do you know who is who?

BrotherDawud(7) Clarified
1 point


90% of them Are Nomenclature AKA Quantumhead AKA NumberOne.

In fact, I am him too.

Cocopops(244) Clarified
2 points

I'm genuinely impressed.

Let me test you further and ask, what are my other accounts?

Quantumhead(733) Disputed
1 point

90% of them Are Nomenclature AKA Quantumhead AKA NumberOne.

Can you stop accusing me of being random other people please?

K thanks.

1 point

LMMFAO ! But you missed one so your op-ed is totally irrelevant ! Whom has time to waste on such trivial nonsense other than a Basement Dwelling Keyboard Warrior trying to justify it's existence in a virtual world ! Does anyone really care and that answer would be No ! But as always the entertainment value of Confused Small People never wanes but continually increases in it's value !