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 Here is how we pay fore the wall. Take back our money given to Planned Parenthood clinics. (1)

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Here is how we pay fore the wall. Take back our money given to Planned Parenthood clinics.

If we took back all the money forced from our taxes to pay for providers of abortions such as Planned Parenthood, we could easily pay for a wall that would protect ALL Americans, rather then funding the killing of millions of Americans.

I would gladly allow my taxes to pay for something that benefits ALL Americans rather than benefiting just those who would abort for convenience. 

Isn't it funny the priorities from Democrats? They believe it is immoral to protect our borders from criminals, but have no problem taking our tax dollars to support the killing of even viable unborn babies for any reason.
You can't make this stuff up.

How far Left has this extreme Democrat Party gone to pander to their Feminist and abortion groups? According to the Left, there is not even one innocent viable unborn life worth protecting, yet it is supposedly immoral to protect our borders with a wall.

What kind of people elect these hypocritical fools?
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Isn't it funny how important it is for Democrats to force other's to support something so controversial as abortion? We could easily earmark our tax dollars to fund only those women's health organizations that do not deal in the abortion trade.

These radicals on the Left are so arrogant, they spit on a person's conscience and force them to support the reprehensible act of purposely taking innocent life.