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 Here's a list of the Left's talking points for the last 30 years.... it never changes! (5)

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Here's a list of the Left's talking points for the last 30 years.... it never changes!

If you recorded the talking points of the Democrat Party 30 years ago, you can listen to the same deceptive rhetoric every single election. It goes something like this...

1) The Right hates the poor and enjoys watching them supposedly starving to death...

2) The Right hates women and wants to see them die in back alleys...

3) The Right is made up of racists and loves White Supremacist groups...

4) The Right is made up of Nazi's who hate immigrants...

5) The Right hates LGBT groups...

6) The Right only gives tax cuts to the Rich...

7) The Right loves machine guns and wants Criminals to be able to buy them...

8) The Right hates people with life threatening illness, and wants to deny them life saving healthcare so that they will die in the streets...

Does that about cover every single election in your lifetimes? Does that cover most of the fake news talking points every single night?

Here is the reality of what the Right stands for...

1) The Right believes in safety nets to help all people who can not help themselves. The Right believes in restrictions for able bodied people who abuse our social programs and make careers out of living off tax payers.

2) The Right cares for all innocent Life, and does not support No Restriction abortions. They support extreme case abortions such as when the Life of  mother is in jeopardy.

3) The Right hates racism and wants a nation where all people are treated equally regardless their skin color. They do not play race bating games to garner the Black vote. They try to treat all Americans equally with no special mention to certain political correct groups.

4) They Right loves all legal immigrants but wants to keep illegal immigrants out.

5) The Right loves all people no matter their sexual orientation. What they don't want is for activist LGBT groups to force all Americans to bow to their political correct agendas.

6) The tax cuts are helping the middle and lower class workers with the doubling of the Standard deduction, doubling of child tax credits, lowering of the tax rates to 12% for income up to $86,000 in income.

7) The Right believe's in the Constitutional freedom of owning guns.

8) The Right wants to stop the insanity of Obamacare, and bring back American freedoms to own health insurance or not. It wants competitive healthcare across borders which holds prices down. Anything Government touches, explodes in cost!
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For some reason, the Left is not bound by honesty. I guess when there is no faith in God, there are no basic moral values to hold to.

For the Left, the ends justifies the means. They will constantly repeat absolute lies about the Right in order to get elected.


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We witness every day the corruption in our politicians, especially on the Left. Their values change with whatever helps get them elected. Lying has become an art form to them yet you gleefully elect them over and over.


outlaw60(13978) Disputed
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Little Snow Flake there is no corruption in the Progressive Party is there ?

outlaw60(13978) Disputed
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Little Snow Flake are you into opposition to corruption from the Progressive Party ?

Arsenal(219) Disputed
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I could switch the term Right for every time you said Left in your OP And my post would be equally valid and equally able to support with links and sources.

Doubt it? Try me.