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 Here's the difference between Dem's obstructing Trump & the GOP against Obama. (4)

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Here's the difference between Dem's obstructing Trump & the GOP against Obama.

When Republicans were against Obama, it was not because of any personal hatred for him as a Liberal man, it was because of the policies he tried to implement.

He supported No Restriction abortions and helped keep it legal! That in itself is enough reason to be disgusted with him.

He helped to force every State to change their marriage laws because of his political relationship with activist LGBT groups.

He did nothing to push ISIS from their strongholds, allowing them a power base to continue their terrorist attacks.

He appointed non Constitutional activist Justices to the Supreme court.

I could go on and on, but when it comes to Democrat hatred for Trump, it is based on a personal disgust for him and his Conservative ideals. They spent two years chasing after the lie of collusion with Russia, all to try and stop a Conservative with the back bone to speak out against the biased political correct media. The guts to implement good capitalistic policies for America.

The Left can't actually come out against the things Trump supports, because that would be admitting they are closet Socialists. That would be admitting they do not care about protecting our borders. That would be admitting they do not care about our economy and middle class worker jobs. That would be admitting they want our Constitution to be a living document that changes with the PC times. That would be admitting their lack of support for our military.

For these reasons, the Left comes after Trump on a personal basis, hiding their intolerance towards Conservative ideals. They have spent every waking minute chasing after one witch hunt to the next.

The real reason for the Democrat hatred towards Trump is the fact that he actually has the guts to implement good patriotic Conservative ideals, appointing good Constitutional Justices, not deterred by the biased Liberal media. Trump is the Left's worst nightmare. He's forcing them to show their true extremist anti American ideals.
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So tell us all the terrible things Trump has done, that hurts America and our freedoms.

Most things I see happening in America are good. We have a President whose focus is on creating jobs for all, not welfare for all.

Have you noticed the focus of the Democrat Party. Free College, free medicare, free healthcare, free free free, but they don't tell you how tax payers will be forced to pay for all this free stuff.

Democrats want America to become a welfare State whereby people will vote for politicians pandering to their Government dependence.

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Republicans are against healthcare rights, social security which people pay into with their tax dollars. Republicans and some Democrats are for keeping Wall Street deregulated, are protorture, prodeath penalty, criminalizing the homeless, cutting WIC, food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, and keeping drug prices high. Conservatives (and I'm not a liberal either) are so prolife, they would rather people die without healthcare, than fund it with their tax dollars. Republicans (except for Ron Paul) continue failed drug wars. Republican charity is oxy moronic. Feed it once it's born or stfu about abortion. Oh, and when is Trump going to build a wall on the Canadian border to prove he's not just bitching about brown people? I love the hypocrisy. One need not be a left wing fuckwit to see the writing on Trump's brown people hating, family separating, racist, hate it once it's born mentality.

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You just showed what I'm talking about. You listed the same tired rhetoric from the Left towards the Right.

Do you want to know why you keep doing this? In order to excuse your support for politicians who support killing viable babies for any reason, you must make Republicans out to be heartless monsters.

If not, you would have to admit supporting No Restriction abortions purely out of a selfish desire to have tax payers support you or those you know from cradle to grave.

There are so many things wrong about your list against the GOP, it shows how brainwashed you are by Liberal media.

We don't need a border on Canada because there are so few trying to break into America. GET REAL!

I think I might vomit if I hear another Democrat spewing the same ludicrous deception of how Republicans only care for babies before they are born.

Listen to the insane words coming out of your mouth...

YOU SUPPORT KILLING THESE SAME BABIES YOU SAY YOU CARE ABOUT BEFORE THEY TRAVEL DOWN THAT BIRTH CANAL. Funny how that same late term viable baby is worthless to you a few weeks from birth. Think about the insanity of what you are saying!

Republicans support safety nets for any person that can not help themselves.

Republicans support food banks so that no person should ever starve to death.

Republicans understand that giving out food stamp credit cards to able bodied people, makes it too easy to be abused. I guarantee you if able bodied people were made to stand in food bank lines, they would all of a sudden be able to afford their own food.

Republicans support emergency medical treatment for EVERYONE no matter if they can't pay.

What we don't support are social programs supporting able bodied people who refuse to work year after year after year. We expect them to use the money they spend on cigarettes, alcohol, casinos, drugs, cell phones, etc. etc. to pay for some of their healthcare!

Democrats want to give away tax payer money with no stipulations of ever paying part of it back or getting a job! They do this to buy lazy dead beat votes, and people like you buy into it!

Fake news has done a bang up job of giving you all the Left wing talking points.

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There is no difference. BOTH Parties are too extreme...………………………………………………………………………………………………….

FromWithin(7233) Clarified
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I don't do private debates. I want everyone to see anything I have to say in the hopes that we all learn. This is why I am on a debate site.

FromWithin(7233) Clarified
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Yes, I know you are a not a registered Democrat so spare me. Do you ever vote for Democrats? If you do, don't tell me how you are supposedly pro life.

Redeemed(725) Clarified
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I am no longer a Democrat. I left over abortion, anti-Christian hate from the same liberals who revere Islam, euthanasia, race baiting. I am considering my options, and am open to voting for a centrist Republican. I am not your enemy. I love Jesus, and want to honor Him with my voting choices. I personally am a centrist my friend, bot a liberal. Just because I disagree with some of your positions, does not make me a liberal, nor does me agreeing with some of your other positions, make me a conservative. Please give me a chance, okay?