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Hilary Clinton's political strategy to win the nomination has been disgraceful


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I have to say, I was a supporter of Clinton...I even voted for her on Feb 5th, but I am currently disgusted by her antics. Everything from her crying incidences (which at first I defended...until she did it the second time in Maine), the "confusion" about being under fire in Bosnia, the firings of multiple campaign managers, the withholding of her income, all the way to the child-like fingerpointing at Obama in a sad attempt to scrutinize everything Obama says by completely taking it out of context. Mudslinging her own party! What is she doing? At this point, I hope Obama wins the nomination, because I would be very unenthusiastic about voting for her and would do so only to avoid having McCain in office. What does it say about Clinton if she jumps to such dirty tactics when backed in a corner? She talks about experience, but Obama has shown to me to have a much more mature, competent, and logical demeanor in handling pressure, the media, and critism...these are the chararacteristics of a leader.
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I agree, it is sad to see how pathetic her campaign has become now that it's to the point that she jumps on any sound bite from Obama and tries to spin it in to a major issue that is completely out of context of what he said. She is proving that she is immature and can not be trusted in pressure filled situations.
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Absolutely her strategy has been disgraceful. At the same time I hope she keeps it up, the more mud she slings the worse she makes herself look. Not that I particularly like Obama either but I definitely don't want to see another Clinton in the Oval Office.
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It's obvious that as these proceedings go on, Hilary is becoming more and more desperate. Desperation is not a quality I want in a president and certainly not something we should be seeing in the first potential female president of the United States. When a candidate sacrifices all, including her dignity, to achieve her own goals...there is a problem. We should not be embracing someone who obviously is willing to promote herself first and foremost. That attitude does not belong in the office of the President and will almost certainly continue us down the path we are already on.
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I agree, this is what perturbs me most, how she is acting under pressure. This next president will be taking on a mountain of issues and who we select will be imperative. We will need a cool headed person for the role (though I understand that is debatable)And you make a good point about the added pressure she will be under being the first woman (Obama faces the same as an African), This is a long overdue moment in American history (another gender/race making a legitimate run at the presidential office...which is a position designed to represent the people of America), I fear that a poor candiate in office will inspire a ton of "I told you so" type remarks that could create resistence to future female (or minority) candidates. That being said, assuming all people are equal (an assumption I subscribe to) then, they should also be assumed to have an equal chance of fucking up!
SIDE NOTE: not that I think this should be turned into a vote based on gender or race, this country needs to get past our sexist racist mentality and see through the outer shell of the candidates to there core issues when voting, but what a wonder signal we would be sending to the rest of the world by electing a woman or a minority...Stating that while we do oppress many people in the world (dont get me wrong, we do a lot of good things too) and we have made many mistakes, we are a country that can change for the better, move forward. We can offer the world hope by overcoming our own demons. I know this may sound optimistic and flighty, but I think we are viewed as a very rigid nation filled with hypocrisy about what we do vs what we preach to the rest of the world.
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Overall I absolutely agree.
Although this move (see video) was so cheap I actually enjoyed her shamelessness.
She certainly scored a few mercy points with me and the fellow drinking crowd with this one.
Hillary Takes a Campaign Shot - But this Time It's Crown Royal

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I believe not only Hilary Clinton is being disgraceful, but the media in general. With the exception of Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. People are using anything these days to drag Obama down. First he is somehow Muslim, that doesn't work, and now people dropped that and instead of saying he is somehow Muslim he instead just has a crazy FORMER preacher. It is outrageous the way people are twisting things around and then spewing out into the general public like it's an undoubted fact.

Clinton tried being nice but because that doesn't seem to work she is becoming desperate and trying anything to gain an inch of ground, whether she loses he dignity in the process or not.

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I have to agree.

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All's fair in love and politics. She is just doing what she needs to do to beat Obama. Mudslinging is certainly not a new political tactic that is just employed by Hilary.
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Who ever heard of a politician playing fair? I don't think Hilary's political strategy is disgraceful - it's the norm. I'm not condoning it but that's what politicians do - mudsling.
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blammo(186) Disputed
4 points
Agreed, mudslinging is business as usual, however, Hilary has been running on a campaign of change. I was really hopeful that would include political tactics. I will add to this, it would be very unfair of me to say that Obama wouldn't do the same thing. He has been drawn into his share of mudslinging. And if he was slightly behind, what would he do. Hers just seems so desparate. Why did she have to lie about being under fire in Bosnia? It makes me not trust her.
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azuwha(18) Disputed
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But that is exactly why Obama stands out. Just because every other politician uses negative strategies it does not mean that Hilary Clinton should too.

She knows better, everyone knows that. The fact that she tried to be nice to Obama with everything smiles and respectful, but as soon as she starts slipping behind in the primaries she just switches to the same old political hooplah.

I think Hilary is showing her true colors. And right now they seem to be her as a two-faced politician that would do anything to gain power. Whether it's cheating, lying, insulting or any other old political tactic that has been the norm for almost half of my life.

Isn't this why the American people have become fed up and are now switching over and voting for the Democrats? The American people are so desperate for change that running a clean campaign should be enough to become president if the people truly believe you can make it happen.

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Hillary's strategy isn't disgraceful per se, it's simply a strategy to win the nomination and is largely representative of modern American political discourse as fuelled by a rampant, face-grinding personal quest for power and validation.

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