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 Hillary Clinton spent 1.2 billion on a failed run for President (3)

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Hillary Clinton spent 1.2 billion on a failed run for President

The 2016 election was record-setting and myth-busting. One major myth dispelled in the historic upset of Hillary Clinton is that candidates can simply "buy" the election. The final numbers are in and Clinton didn't just spend more than Trump, she spent twice as much. And the jaw-dropping amount of money ultimately wasted on her campaign turns out to be the most ever: $1.2 billion. The New York Post crunched the numbers for both campaigns and found that Clinton, the Democratic Party, and Clinton supporters dumped $1.2 billion into her crashed and burned candidacy while Trump's underdog campaign spent only $600 million, including $66 million of his own cash.  Hillary Clinton put her foot in her mouth in October. The soon-to-be-loser in a historic upset mocked "genius" Trump for reportedly losing a familiar sum of money in a similar amount of time in his business ventures. "What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year?" said Clinton. Oops.

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Didn't the Progressives want big money out of campaigns ? What they got to say now ?

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Progressives are the worst hypocrites on this planet. They constantly engage in the very activities they always accused the GOP of doing.

Remember how every election Democrats attacked Republicans for being tied to the big Banks.

Hillary? HELLO? She was the ultimate politician bought and paid for by the big banks.

Remember when Democrats said they want campaign finance reform and only allow small donations to their campaigns?

Gee, can you imagine 1.2 BILLION from small donors?

LOL, what hypocritical phonies.

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I am so happy that Hillary didn't win. Sure, Trump isn't the greatest coin in the pot but at least he doesn't support infanticide like Hillaty does. The democrats deserve their long overdue punishment.