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Hip-Hop music is a bad influence.



I'm not gonna stop

I'm so gangsta I just killed a cop.

I get hoes to drop on dis cock.

bouncin dat ass, go fast

booty hit the flo you already know

niggas be hatin, but there's no stoppin the show

no stoppin the flow

Ain't worried bout nothin tho

but getting herpes from too much fuckin, yo

Drugs weed and alcohol

oh shit I'm too high, i slip and fall

i hurt my leg now i gotta crawl

yeah yeah word.

(And that was Hip-hop in a nut shell. Bad, right?)





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The evidence is up there!

You can't deny what you see!

It's terrible music and a bad influence.

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It is profanity and also not enjoyable to listen to. Some times I wonder if the only reason why people only listen to it to sound cool.

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TheAshman(2299) Disputed
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Hip Hop has been around so long and covers such a broad spectrum saying it is just profane is a bit daft, like all music some of it is a bit shit and pointless but some can be pretty awesome

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ricedaragh(2520) Disputed
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So, all Hip Hop is profane?

Even if it was, why is that wrong?

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The hip-hop culture itself is not entirely good or bad, just like every other lifestyle. At the end of the day, the main factor is how the listener interprets the message from the rap music. With the violence, they hear about, they could take no actions or they would act violently. But if they do, it’s more on how the individual is than the music they've listened to. if you say generally this kind of music is bad influence, then the movies you see with violent scenes have to be a bad influence along with anything you hear about in the news.

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The same thing was said when Elvis Presley hit the scene with his Rock 'n Roll.

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