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Hitler is worse Mao and Stalin is worse
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Hitler vs Mao & Stalin which is worse?

Depending on you personal definition of evil, which is worse?

All three had good intentions, only they killed millions of people in the process.

Mao killed at least 70 million people, some intentional some not, whereas Hitler killed far less but his WAS intentional.

Hitler is worse

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Mao and Stalin is worse

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Mao and Stalin killed 90 million people who didn't agree with their political philosophy.

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Considering that Hitler was a great leader, I'd have to say 'Mao & Stalin'.

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Wutan(7) Disputed
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Based on what? His rhetoric? Probably.

He wasn't due to the fact that major military operations were stalled because his astronomical charts told him otherwise.

Overall, persons that were about to die because of their actions didn't care which of these dictators is "a little" worse or better.

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Uspwns101(445) Disputed
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Actually Hitler did do many incredible things as leader of Germany he also made many extremely poor decisions,particularly militarily. In the years before World War II Hitler was able to rearm and remotivate a dying country.

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Mao and Stalin murdered considerably more people than Hitler.

Hitler murdered people to purify his Reich, which is still morally wrong. Mao and Stalin murdered anybody who disagreed with them, and innocent people. Under Stalin, the KGB had quotas of people to arrest each day. They didn't care if you were innocent. They would force you to admit to the crime even if you didn't commit it. If you maintained your innocence they would throw you in the gulags because you were calling the party and Stalin a liar.

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Considering Hitler was a punk that got bitch-slapped back into place, and Mao and Stalin were both incredibly worse to their own people, and probably stand higher than he does on the douche-bag chart, I'd say either one of them.

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Hitler was a leader and Stalin was just a killer Stalin killed his own men while Hitler killed the Jews.

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Hitler killed more than just Jews. People love Stalin. He was voted as the third greatest Soviet. The murders committed by Mao are a complete fraud.

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