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 Hobby Lobby slammed by a Leftist for "Racist Display of Raw Cotton" (16)

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Hobby Lobby slammed by a Leftist for "Racist Display of Raw Cotton"

A woman in Texas says she was triggered by a "racist" Hobby Lobby floral display — because it featured raw cotton.

The woman, Daniell Rider, made a hysterical post to Hobby Lobby's corporate Facebook page, excoriating the craft store chain for it's silk floral department clearance section, which featured a few sprigs of raw cotton in glass vases, marked down from $29.99 each to $15.00. It wasn't the price that freaked her out, however — it was the overt racism.

"This decor is WRONG on SO many levels. There is nothing decorative about raw cotton … A commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves. A little sensitivity goes a long way. PLEASE REMOVE THIS ‘décor,'" Rider wrote.

 Wonder if the Leftist Daniell Rider has consumed any products made with cotton lately ?

The Lunacy of the American Left continues ! 

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6 points

Upon reading this article I removed all cotton garments from my wardrobe and burnt them in the back garden.

I've formed a neighborhood vigilante group with the title of THE COTTON POLICE.

So, if any of my racist neighbors are harboring cloths or other household items such as tea towels made from cotton they'll be uncovered and subjected to the appropriate punishment.

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LMAO now that right there should be happening and as i move across the country and i see any cotton fields the owners of that land and cotton should be jailed for being racist.

Yeap all the redneck neighbors brought all their cotton made clothing and table clothes over and we had a big bonfire. We are starting a 4 wheeler gang next week we are going to call ourselves "Cotton be gone".

Lots of illegal break ins coming soon to a neighborhood near you we are coming to steal you're racist cotton clothing and decorative cotton vases.

The local FBI is supporting us. Their like we can't have racist cotton in this state.

outlaw60(12674) Clarified
2 points

A commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves is known as cotton only problem is that cotton is white and not black but then that would be a problem would it not !

4 points

Time for a lawsuit against Fruit of the Loom for being Racist.

The Cotton has "white privilege,"so therefor it must be racist even if it doesn't know it.

Everyone wearing cotton as of today are a bunch of racist that supported slavery LMAO!

2 points

HAH I read this earlier! She is just another idiot looking for her 5 minutes of fame. Funny thing is, I read the article but there was no mention of her political affiliation. Do you have one that says she's a Lefty? Or are you just assuming?

outlaw60(12674) Clarified
4 points

Now Mint with all do respect who would call a raw cotton display racist.

Mint_tea(3490) Clarified
3 points

Well, you've accused me of being a Lefty and I'm saying she's an idiot. Sooooo....... I would just say an idiot looking for 5 min of fame would call a raw cotton display racist.

We said she is a lefty so she is a lefty whether she likes it or not. She could of been a right winged but she is defiantly a lefty now.

4 points

Ahhh I see, so because he said she's a Lefty she must be so. Thank you for the clarification :D

outlaw60(12674) Clarified
1 point

Why is a display of raw cotton racist to the American Left ? Are their cotton sheets racist as well ? What is not racist to the American Left please do tell !

2 points

I think that's nuts. Has she also decided to never wear cotton clothing for the rest of her life? And toss out her bath towels? And gone to poly bedding?

1 point

What!? Racism is hateful, spiteful pride, but raw cotton, that is just degraiding to the importance of this issue.

1 point

I laughed at this, thought you would like it.

Good stuff.