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How Innocent and Naive is God for creating such a World for all living beings

The reality is, we all exist, from some unknown source?!!! 
Call it god or anything.

I don’t blame any living beings existing on this earth, for any evil or good. Everybody’s trying to do their best to enjoy and be successful in their lives. 

But, we still have a mess. Sufferings, diseases etc etc 

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About as naive as the Navy Seals are for putting soldiers through hell to get them ready for the future or your teachers are for making you take tests.

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Why is God naive. He created everything and we screw it up the best part of it all. When we receive something good we destroy it somehow or waste it because of the foolishness inside of us. It isn't God is naive, it is people are stupid and foolish with small, and good blessings. People in general don't have the wisdom to utilise the gifts we receive in the right manner which will increase the quality of our lives. E.g: how many people have won the lottery and now they are broke again? How many people keep buying lottery tickets hoping to get rich quick? How many people have started a business for it to fail almost instantly (I know this one I have done it myself)? How many of us have wasted the opportunities we have been given? God isn't naive, people are inherently foolish, and only the rod of pain will drive the folly out of us.

This handle people with kid gloves because of their folly stupidity will not work, if being gentle on people would actually work, there would be a lot more happy people on earth because we made better decisions, not folly driven decisions.

Why do you blame the 'god'?

Gubbh(12) Disputed
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Who created this all? It’s the God. He planted such seeds in human minds, and gave them life here. And now harvesting what he sow?!!

Isn’t it?!!

Humans are only doing the best of their given/limited abilities.

You can go kill somebody, but the ability was first given by god.

Free will is not really a free will. The earth is a prison, you can’t even walk off to the edge of the planet and jump off.

Evil forbid, you commit suicide, you may be reincarnated again without your will.

We are all here without our consent. Is that enough why is god responsible?!!

Ps- evil forbid, you rebirth as a retard, and can’t even commit suicide, just walk earth like fool till death takes you.

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You attribute free will to the 'god' but not to the others in the reality; what exactly made "God" and what dictates his/her/its/their decisions?