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 How North korea is going to punish America (7)

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How North korea is going to punish America

North korea promised America the greatest pain ever in their history

North Korea is known to have exported chemical weapons to terrorist organizations, largely in the Middle East. Reuters reported in late August that two shipments from North Korea were intercepted in the past six months. They were destined for the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons program.

“ISIS, Hezbollah, all these terror groups get their weapons from North Korea, believe it or not,” said Park.

NK has terrorist influence.
Americas big ego will make them pay a bigger price. There will be tears everywhere all through out nexy year.

I know some American debators won't be here next year. You might have been roasted by some terrorists.
North K, will punish America but will not be held responsible.
No one can trace their commands to the terrorist groups.

There is a proverb " Before a blind says he is going to throw a stone at you, then one already lies hidden beneath his foot"

Watch out.

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I can give you a list, in order of who terrorists want to hit.



3)Saudi Arabia (Shias)

4)The United States

Europe best well grab its ankles.

We'll at least have warning. Europe might not. And in my case, I'm immortal, so it won't matter.

jeffreyone(1223) Clarified
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I'm immortal,


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I know. I also have wings and am a flying, magic unicorn. Prove me wrong.

Atrag(5344) Clarified
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Why would you think Europe before USA


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North Koreas leader is full of wind and piss , if they got into a serious scrap with the U S or any other superpower it would be all over in half a day .

Did you ever look at the average North Korean solidier ?

They're half starved wretches , it's all huff and puff from the dear leader and nothing else .

Regards supplying terrorists with weapons , they all do that Donald signed a 350 billion arms deal with the Saudis and guess who the Saudis along with Quatar supply with arms ?

Isis , that's who . It's all just a big game with citizens as mere playthings as world leaders and super powers struggle to gain global supremacy

jeffreyone(1223) Clarified
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The greatest shock comes when you think you got it all well calculated.

When both your arms, both legs and your teeth is pulling together strong security strings, how difficult it is to make a turn to see what cometh from behind thee

Dermot(4965) Clarified
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North Korea have nothing and if they keep pushing will be crushed in half a day or less .

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If they get the first strike in they will kill thousands to hundreds of thousands of people. But they had better start running after that and not stop because with the way the American leader is, for better or for worse, he won't give a damn what any other country thinks, he'll strike back with a vengeance.

IF we strike first, (we being Americans) we best be ready for a helluva fall out between us and other countries such as Russia and China. And that's not quite something we are prepared least that's my opinion. Right now Trump and Kim Jong-Un are measuring their dicks on a table and trash talking.

jeffreyone(1223) Clarified
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If they get the first strike in they will kill thousands to hundreds of thousands of people.

That is; if they attack directly broad chested with a north korean badge.

Can you hold them responsible if they use their terrorists???

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That'll be the day.


I strongly believe that North Korea will try, but fail. However they very well inflict some damage to the US on their suicide run. Russia's president, Vladimir Putin himself said the North Korean missile program would lead to global disaster. China asked them to stop the nuclear testing, obviously they didn't. So when it hits the fan (which it will) North Korea will have little if any allies.