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How could "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Internet Users" be improved?

I bet you think its perfect already!

More Accurate "Habits"

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More Accurate "Websites"

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5 points

Creating Content could have been a habit unto itself but it wasn't as funny as Mindlessly Consuming.

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3 points

I would have prefered "feel horny" to be called "wanking"

Side: More Accurate "Habits"
3 points

Could have added Working but everybody knows that no work gets done on the Internet.

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2 points

The habits need refining. How? I'm thinking.... more soon!

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6 points

Digg and reddit are the same line? Digg should get BG - communicating and mindlessly consuming.

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Buckwild(82) Disputed
2 points

Digg/reddit/Mixx/Propeller/etc what is the difference really? I'm surprised Mixx is CD rather than CG.

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4 points

I agree, I pretty much think of all of the social news sites as being essentially the same, although they do each have different features that I like.

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I think Valleywag and Silicon Alley Insider are totally AG.

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