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 How did Tom Clancy die? (3)

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How did Tom Clancy die?

Let's hear all your conspiracy theories.

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Probably killed by the Ruskies.

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I think Robert Ludlum and John Grisham conspired in their Patriot Games and came up with the novel idea of putting a hit on who they viewed as a Clear And Present danger! Do I win a Pulitzer for my efforts? LOL

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He was sweeping leaves off his rooftop, when all of a sudden, he slips on a plate of leftover pancakes and goes tumbling down the side of the roof, then robot mermaids catch him in their boat. From there, after beat him into unconsciousness with their robot boobs, they stuff all of his holes with grape flavored jelly beans.

Then Arnold Schwarzenegger busts in through a vortex from past-future and nails all of the robot mermaids in the face with his oversized fist that he carved into the shape of a nail, then goes forward back in time.

Tom Clancy Died on that boat...he was lost at sea.

R.I.P Tom Clancy

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