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How important is it to remain a virgin until marriage?

Very important!

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I gotta get laid now!

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Remaining a virgin until marriage solves a lot of problems like Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Unwanted Pregnancies, etc.

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4 points

Practicing safe sex , such as using condoms , until marriage solves a lot of problems like Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Unwanted Pregnancies, etc., Remaining a virgin until you are married could set your self up for disapointment in the bedroom , infidelities , divorce , etc

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AsHBasH(2) Disputed
2 points

I don't think so. Going into marriage a virgin can actually teach you to adjust to your partner's needs and wants and them only. It can actually be a safe learning environment. Infidelities can throw a wrench in the marriage of those couples who previously had sex before marriage. After 2 or 3 years of sex and then getting married and continuing it provides people with the same old routine and can actually discourage marriage. If I can be with this person, have sex, potential have kids, a house, etc, what's the point of getting married? I can have all this without the messy paper work, expensive wedding and not have to worry about a messy divorce. Think about that.

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-1 points

I never understood infidelity. I mean, I've seen cows and they seem happy when the bull goes and does another cow for a change ;)

And how can a woman be disappointed in the bedroom if she's never had anything to compare it to? I will grant you, however, that it does cause problems like women being bad at math. For example, if a woman has never seen a man naked but she has read that most men are 6 inches long, then she would incorrectly assume that her husband's 3 inches are really six and so she would get a lot of math problems (dealing with length) wrong. ;)

And divorce is usually caused by women nagging and complaining while sitting at home all day long eating chocolate. ;)

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kringler(5) Disputed
2 points

Yea because its impossible to get a STI when you have sex when you are married.

And its also impossible to get a pregnancy you don't want when having post marital sex as well...

I frown at your idiocy :(


STI is the new STD, it is a correction for some reason, saying its more correct to say Sexually Transmitted Infection instead of Sexually Transmitted Disease.

| Side: I gotta get laid now!

Yes, well...., what I meant was that it reduces the number if STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

| Side: Very important!
1 point

I noticed you downpointed me and was curious why .There is no need to answer. My guess is i should have said , Sexually transmitted infections. One book that should be released is an A -Z on sexully transmitted infections. (which has indeed been released) Maybe this will deter people from unsafe sex. Whos idiocy do you frown at ? mine or Joes or both ? . ...tell me , do you know the a- z of sexually transmitted infections. Also do you know , how married pregnant women , get Sexually transmitted infections ? through cheating on their husbands or through their husbands cheating on them ? And may i add , that sexually transmitted infections , are not limited , to being transmitted through sexual activities nor are they limited to non-virgins ? NOR are condoms 100% safe.BTW just for fun... A person can have sex while they have chicken pox and give it to their lover/partner.Does this mean it is a case of sexually transmitted chicken pox ?...:)

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1 point

Well, that depends on how important a successful marriage is to you. Here is an example of just one area that premarital sex harms future marital bliss.

A marriage counselor once told me that when counseling couples who were dealing with frigidity in the relationship; He always asked them if they had sex before marriage and the answer was always yes. Men, that ought to tell you something. Play now pay latter. There are consequences for the choices we make and this is just one of the many.

Sex has a proper context in which it was designed to function properly, expression outside of it's proper context is always detrimental. And sorry folks, just like any system we find in creation, we don't determine it's design, function or proper use. That's been predetermined by the manufacturer.

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Hmmm..., do any of these creations come with a warranty, cause there are more than a few I'd like to send back ;)

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1 point

It is very important to wait till marriage as the article above points out. The sexual promiscuity of today's society, is one of the major reasons that divorce rates and single parenting rates continue to skyrocket. Sex is something that is meant to be shared with that special someone.

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seba13(13) Disputed
1 point

Actually, I think you might be contradicting yourself here.

When you mention divorce rates skyrocketing, I don't think you're accounting for all the people getting a divorce BECAUSE they waited until marriage for sex. In other words, you have to take into consideration the amount of people supporting your point of view that do wait until marriage for sex, even couples who immaturely vow to bond as one for the rest of their lives thinking only about the act, only to find themselves disappointed once they realize their significant other isn't what they expected to be in the first place.

Another great flaw I see to this point of view you are supporting is that people can't, under any circumstance, know for sure if the person they wedded is to remain their partner for life (for X or Y reason), therefore, the person whom you waited for sex until marriage turned out to be the wrong one, subsequently, contradicting itself once again.

Sex is a completely natural part of life, and not meant to be shared by a "special someone", at least not by definition.

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0 points

yes its real imortant to stay virgin until thats what god said so we have to do it becuse becuse if its god died for us if he didit we would not be here

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JBXXX(53) Disputed
2 points

You mean thats what a human said god said. Everything you've been taught has been written by humans and taught by humans.

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4 points

As a father of two young kids I promote chastity, of course. What else can you do - promote promiscuity, or worse, do nothing?

But speaking as the young man trapped within this older body, it is a dumb question - isn't it? (smile)

| Side: I gotta get laid now!

Oh please. There's nothing wrong with safe, responsible sex. To oppress our own bodies and desires is unfair to ourselves and to our future partners.

| Side: I gotta get laid now!

If there's anything we have learned from the Tiger Woods incident it is that men should just keep their wick dry ;)

| Side: Very important!
AsHBasH(2) Disputed
1 point

If that was the case then drug addicts or alcoholics should give in to their desires because of coarse it's unfair to their bodies and desires. If you give into every urge I guarantee you will be subjected to them throughout life and your own will power will be weak. I've seen it and been through it.

| Side: Very important!
2 points

The only issue is the safety of sex. If you are safe and know your partner remaining a virgin to marriage is for child molestors and gays to preach about and appear as if they are for some reason better people than the rest of us.

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2 points

How stupid,to act as though sex is "bad" because of someone else's self-torture based ethos.

If you want sex, have sex. Don't live your life for others approval, jeez =/

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1 point

do you like your boy friend has sex relation with others? can you accept your husband get relation with other girl / woman? in my idea, sex is a kind of entertainment thing for human being to share with full time partner only. Human being got matured mind and skill to think good or bad, so need to make a decision whether you like ONE-TO-ONE relation or ONE-TO-MANY relation. The idea of having sex up to the mind choose a temporary partner and enjoy give up and get together with others, and so on...after getting married start to get control, in fact after marriage girls want to getting self-control so they can control on their husband it looks like trick. if my girl involved in sex before marriage i do not have condition that i also should have sex before marriage with several girls after she stopped with others so i must do the same. if she stopped after marriage why should i? i still want to continue? maybe its looking like meaningless answer, because after marriage sex-relation must be in between wife and husband relation only!! if it is true, before marriage what kind of relation forced to have sex relation? Should I ask, what you propose if i ask, who and who need to have sex relation? bitch and bastard?, brother and sister?, mother and son? father and daughter? two good friends? boy friend and girl friend? or wife and husband? which one we will prefer and why? if we can get the answer for this, then you can find the answer "How important is it to remain a virgin until marriage?"

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Seriously? There is nothing wrong with sex if you are safe and responsible about it. Some people view someones virginity as some huge sacred thing only because of religion. Is the world going to collapse if you have sex before marriage? No it isn't. Remaining a virgin isn't important at all.

| Side: I gotta get laid now!

You're only saying that in the hopes getting more girls to believe it in order to increase YOUR chances of getting laid ;)

| Side: I gotta get laid now!
1 point

I don't like the choices I have, either "very important" or "I gotta get laid now". Just putting that out there. My answer is, "depends on the person".

When I was still a virgin, my importance to that was only that I should have sex with someone who I love, and if by some unfortunate circumstance that it doesn't work out between us; that I still wouldn't regret it. This also means staying safe and thinking about every circumstance before I went ahead with it.

But now I'm married. I am, what I consider lucky. I followed through with exactly the value I described above, and I gave my virginity to my then boyfriend, who turned into my husband.

Some people don't find it all that valuable and have no problem having sex when they want sex. This doesn't mean they're a horrible person, this just means they have a different opinion about sex.

All I can do is offer my value on it and how I think it's best served.

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