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 How long are the Progressives going to chase Russian Ghost !!!!!!!! (17)

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How long are the Progressives going to chase Russian Ghost !!!!!!!!

The Lame Stream Media just can't let go of the Russian Ghosts. It is a 24/7 cycle for them. Hillary was a loser and now Progressives are 0 and 4 in special elections. Will the Progressives find the Russian Ghost they are so desperately searching for ? 
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Hell hath no fury like a woman ( bitchy Hillary ) scorned, except for a spiteful and grudge bearing F.B.I.

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All the Left has is the Russians Did It. I was wondering why the Left has not yet blamed the Russians for the Progressive loss in Georgia !

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The "Fake News" media will stay on the Russian probe until something new gets invented to use in their "Never Trump" battle. There will be no mention of Democratic plans to create jobs, or to protect us from Mexican drug gangs, or to combat terrorism, or to fix you broken healthcare system. Simply the worn out vague promises of the past. Get Real Dudes

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The longer Democrats chase the Russian Ghost, the more elections the Republicans will win. They never learn and is exactly why they lost the election.

I mean COME ON.... they picked Hillary as their Presidential nominee.

The Democrat Party has truly lost it's way. They have allowed extremist Liberals to take over their Party. All they do is fixate on trying to obstruct Trump. Americans are FINALLY waking up to this extreme Party.

Their Party is now run by Feminists, LGBT groups, environmentalists, and socialists.

This Hoax is morphing from a Russian collusion / obstruction of justice to alleged financial wrong doings. This is an investigation looking for a crime and they're not going to quit until they get something on someone.

Antrim(1304) Clarified
3 points

Like a nasty cop, if he/she doesn't get you for speeding or careless driving he/she will check around your vehicle until they find something.


If you emailed the population of New York for instance, with the message, act urgently, all has been found out, the city would be deserted within 24 hours.

What they will probably get is someone lying under oath rather than the alleged crimes they were investigating.

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I doubt they will find the Russian ghost because it was a group of hackers, not a specific one.

outlaw60(12657) Clarified
1 point

How did election hacking happen under the Obama Regime ? Do you know ?

MeThatOne(60) Disputed
1 point

The election wasn't hacked, Wikileaks was.

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Have you learned nothing from your own conservative persistence? Just the same as Hillary is still haunted by her e-mail issue even though she lost the election and is no longer directly in the spotlight, Trump will be haunted by Russia all the way through office and pretty much forever after that. Even if he were to have a heart attack and die and the focus switched to this replacement(s) the Russian ghost would persist and be brought up every time he is discussed. It's like trying to talk about Nixon without Watergate. Seriously? That's just not going to happen.

Let go of your dream that this will ever be forgotten history. Trump will be wearing Russia far longer than Lewinsky's dress will wear Clinton's spunk.

outlaw60(12657) Clarified
1 point

Where are the Russian Ghost that those on the Left are chasing ? The MSM have not found them yet so do you know where the Russian Ghosts are ?

Grenache(6104) Disputed
1 point

Nope. I'm not the special investigator.

But hey, if they were to ask me I'd tell them to check you out outlaw60. You seem hellbent on getting people to dismiss the possibility.

1 point

Progressives aren't chasing the "Russian Ghost", the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is, huge difference. Real progressive Liberals are fighting for universal healthcare, the Paris Climate Deal, ending overseas interventions and other issues that actually effect the American people. The DNC focus on the "Russia scandal" so that they won't have to deal with the actual important issues.

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Hello poochy boy:

The wheels of justice move slowly.. I thought you were the Law and Order party.. No, huh?????

Now, fetch this ball..


3 points

The thing about law and order is you have to actually have evidence to accuse someone of something and punish them..... Key word of the day: "evidence".

And we have what evidence again? Oh yes, we have none.

excon(8013) Disputed
1 point

Hello again, bront:

In criminal work, things proceed thusly: First, there's a crime.. Then an investigation.. If evidence is found, charges are levied..

As we've learned, evidence comes AFTER the investigation.. Don't you watch Law and Order???



outlaw60(12657) Clarified
1 point

How long is the Lame Stream Media going to chase a ghost ? Think they will catch that ghost ?

outlaw60(12657) Clarified
1 point

EXCON have the MSM found the Russian Ghosts they are looking for ?