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A lot. You ain't worth it get a life
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How many haters do i have here yet?

A lot.

Side Score: 85

You ain't worth it get a life

Side Score: 84

I haven't encountered you here yet .

Side: A lot.
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I would think you will encounter this prize idiot fairly soon ; his defence when questioned in debate is refusing to answer problematic questions apparently this is the idiots secret weapon '

He bans anyone who disagrees with his idiotic opinions on his own questions ; his profile picture is very appropriately a clown :)

Side: A lot.
JatinNagpal(2672) Clarified
2 points

Don't worry about him.

He thinks that he is smart and great with questions but can't see how all his analogies/questions are irrelevant, even after being explained the same.

Side: A lot.
Dermot(4989) Clarified
1 point

Yes he is not the sharpest tool in the box ; he told me his father is a very successful businessman and his business is .... wait for it ..... owner of a fish pond

Side: A lot.
jeffreyone(1227) Disputed
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If my debates were irrelevant or weren't understandable as you say, how come everyone else who comments there are able to share their opinions without any difficulties. I also clearly understand their feedbacks without difficulties. Some i have only met once on my debates and yet they get me and i get them.

But you have been on several of my debates....

You always beat about the bush and regard my motion irrelevant.

So could it be that all those who comprehend and give the right feedback on my debates are mad people like me and we understand a common language?

On the other hand...maybe you are the black sheep.

You think your understanding is so wide(just delusional i think) .

If i have a debate and three or more people answer without problems......then who are you to call it irrelevant(always) or feebleminded; megamind?

I think you just a proud have nothing but pile of rubbish in your 'special' craft, style or whatever you call it.

You only looking for a fight cos i insulted whites.....why would you comment on an irrelevant motion in the first place? Probably cos irrelevance is the language you you end up giving irrelevant non~contributal contributions on my debates...kill the hate ai!!


Side: You ain't worth it get a life
jeffreyone(1227) Disputed
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Ok....its you calling me smart...i never mentioned know i don't blow my own are welcome....

And about my questions.....

If most of the debators always had problems with it like you always do, i would be considering whatever you are saying (maybe).

But here is the case, only you are always complaining about all of my debates....while others just go ahead and contribute feedbacks to my motion without you are?Megamind? Are you more intelligent than everyone else on my debates? No i doubt that...

My motions are always on the low key and they contribute accordingly。。。they are no brainer motions...

But like i said before, you like to make a simple fowl slaughter Look like a dinasour slaughter.why?

And always making your contributions wayward, beating about the bush, flying but never landing....i just want you to use the road(they are no brainer motions)

Side: You ain't worth it get a life

Too many to count I suppose? ......................... hahaha

Side: A lot.
1 point

Who are you?

Side: You ain't worth it get a life
jeffreyone(1227) Disputed
1 point

I was expecting two main people to reply.....i murdered them today it seems they haven't resurrected yet.

Side: A lot.
1 point

Let's see now you mudered two people today by banning them from your badly thought out question as in .... Is love delusional ...

When asked by me were your parents delusional you got all hot and bothered like the local slack jawed toothless yokel that you are.

Your solution to having no answers when questioned is to ban people because as I stated before you're a cowardly dog who cannot even fight his corner just like your bone idle waster of a Nigerian dad .

I do not hate you as I don't know you but you're a sad , unemployed Ghanaian with a huge chip on his shoulder , you're also a compulsive liar stating you own a record company and also that you're a CEO ; you agreed with and applauded Nigerian con men ripping off elderly people because their only crime is they're white ... I could go on as you're a compulsive liar with the intellectual capabilities of a pot plant ....

In short you're a despicable creature who blames everyone but himself for his circumstances ; try getting a job you bone idle waster .

Side: You ain't worth it get a life
jeffreyone(1227) Disputed
1 point

If your dim brain doesn't know the difference between 'inlove'(eros) and the other kinds of love, and goes ahead to ask about jesus's love, why would i waste my time answering his absurd questions.

Your dimwit brain would still not comprehend even if i explained by writing a whole novel.

My dad nigerian? I own a i said i will be in some time to come), i should get a job(so easy)?

You extract some parts of my statements and you twist into your own: convenient for your insults....moron

And you think you are relating to me? Now you made a twin of my story.(twisted) but remember even twins don't have the same finger prints.

My story is the truth. You took some and made it your own lie not my are the one talk like a complete fool when you have nothing to say and you then twist my statements to insult me.

Get a brain...dimwit...

You will have something(insult) sensible to say. Cos i don't have a problem with anyone insulting me but to use a fake statement is just stupid and childish....wayback in 4thgrade....moron

Side: A lot.
Dermot(4989) Disputed
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Your Nigerian /Ghanaian stupidity is again showing is itself as I see you still have no answer to my questions ; you shouldn't ask questions if you with the help of your baboon family cannot answer them .

You said you owned a record company you lied , you said you were a CEO you lied , you're also unemployed otherwise why would you complain about working for nothing at your bone idles fathers fish pond ?

That's a very prestigious job minding goldfish isn't it :)

No , your story is a lie ,

your an umemployed bone idle waster ( like father like son )

Get a job and stop lying your impressing no one mr CEO

Side: You ain't worth it get a life

You think someone with your skill can 'murder' me? I'd suggest you reconsider your choice of words.

No, you're just a little pawn, not worth the special hatred you seem to expect.

Side: You ain't worth it get a life
jeffreyone(1227) Disputed
0 points

OMG .......megamind!!!

You think its all about talk talk talk talk talk.




Side: A lot.
1 point

Oh yeah, I'm a great speaker, aren't I?

If my being were more dependent on such things (and if that wasn't a boring movie reference), I might actually be flattered.

Side: You ain't worth it get a life
1 point

Hating is something I don't normally do. That's one reason I refuse to be a Christian or a Muslim. You can count me as a non-hater. This is a debate site, a place for disagreement. I disagree with you "almost" always. You have a right to your opinion, and belief. You don't seem to "ban" as often as many on CD who don't believe in the First Amendment, except as it fits THEIR standards, I simply disagree with you, often.

"You ain't worth it". Hating, I mean.

Side: You ain't worth it get a life
jeffreyone(1227) Disputed
1 point

I don't even expect you to hate me.

You weren't in my mind when i created this debate. I still haven't captured your name in my head......we share no love or bitterness....

And you disagreeing with me i think its normal...besides we are from two different parts of the world. Different cultural of relation....etc..... So its normal...

Same reason i can't hate.....

Infact the only thing i hate is hate(people)

Side: A lot.
AlofRI(1956) Clarified
1 point

As I said, I disagree with you "almost always". I totally agree with you here.

Side: A lot.