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How many languages do you know?

Simple. how many languages do you know?

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I can speak English, Spanish, and Korean! Not 100% fluently in Korean and Spanish, but i can speak enough to have regular conversations.

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I've always liked and wanted to learn Korean. There are a lot of people where I live that speak Korean. It could be pretty useful.

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Yeah. Korean is a great language to learn, but also difficult. Too bad not many colleges offer korean D:.

| Side: How many languages do you know?
2 points

I know English, Japanese, Hebrew, and French. Of course the only one I am fluent in is English but I am getting there in French. I've given up on Japanese and I am only familiar with the Hebrew Aleph-Bet and a few basics of the language itself. (;

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2 points

wow 4 languages, impressive :)!

| Side: How many languages do you know?
1 point

I primarily speak English, the only language which I'm fluent in.

I do have some understanding of Spanish, and can speak very broken Spanish.

I am currently learning to speak Portuguese.

| Side: How many languages do you know?

2 - English (first language) and Spanish (not fluent but proficient). I suck at writing in Spanish though.

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I speak two languages...English and German.

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1 point

Just the one I'm afraid. Unless we're counting programming languages too.

The problem with the teaching of foreign languages in England is that people are taught far too late, and a lot of people don't bother as nearly everyone else can speak English. Normally, exposure to a foreign language begins in High School (ages 11-16), and all studies show that this is far too late in a child's development to pick up a second language easily. Also, when they reach their teens, most become apathetic of school work, doing only what is required to pass.

Now I'm older, I wish I had paid far more attention to foreign languages back in school. I would personally love to learn Japanese and/or Russian.

Our education system really needs to understand that exposure to foreign languages and cultures needs to happen earlier, before the optimum time for learning new languages has passed, and school work apathy has kicked in.

| Side: one
1 point

English, Greek, Spanish and a bit of German.

| Side: How many languages do you know?
0 points

Two. English and moderately good in Spanish (Good enough to hold down a moderate conversation and understand most of the Spanish channels). I would also like to learn French, Italian, and German. Chinese would be cool, too.

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