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 How many of you choicers would stay pro abortion if you witnessed the abortion first hand? (5)

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How many of you choicers would stay pro abortion if you witnessed the abortion first hand?

There is a reason why Liberal Hollywood and the Democrat controlled media will not show abortion procedures on TV. They know that if Americans witnessed the barbaric act, they could no longer stomach voting for the Democrat Party supporting it.

After working for years as Planned Parenthood's clinic director, Abby Johnson finally witnessed an abortion first hand, and was sickened by what she saw. She stopped working for them and is now strong pro life.

One would think that for such a divisive issue as abortion, there would be many many videos showing and explaining the abortion procedure. I thought the Left was suppose to be big on education, science, facts, etc.
Nah, the Left is made up up of radical extremists who will deceive at every turn. The ends always justifies the means.

If you want to know the facts concerning abortions and Planned Parenthood, watch the movie "Unplanned". But you won't because you want to pretend ignorance to the truth of the inhumanity you support.

The Democrat Party of so called tolerance, inclusiveness, diversity, etc. is the polar opposite to those words.

Their tolerance and compassion is conditional. If you do not fit into their political correct groups, NO TOLERANCE FOR YOU! Babies can't vote!
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You will not watch the movie "Unplanned", and you will not search out the very rare abortion videos. But you will surround yourself with Liberal media to ease your conscience. Ahhh the sweet sound of "choice" "women's right's", it sounds so good, so right.


You will go on hating Christians and pro life people for shining a light on the truth of what you support.

seanB(753) Disputed Banned
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I've seen the videos. I also have a beautiful baby sister, and a lovely nephew. And I would strongly have advised both my father's wife, and my sister, against abortion had they asked me for my advice on the topic.

As a political stance, I also am firmly against "no restrictions abortion". It's a ludicrous idea. That said, abortion if the life of the mother is in danger is entirely ethical. For example, women who have severe haemophilia are almost certain to die in childbirth, along with their child. Abortion in such a case is ethical. Or, for example, when a ten year old girl is raped and carries a child long before her body is physically able to bear the strain: abortion in such a case is ethical.

So, yes, I am against abortion without restrictions, but there must be common sense to allow it in cases where it is imperative for the female's survival.

I also believe firmly that there should be the available option in the case of rape. Yes, the rape is not the prospective child's fault, but neither is it the mother's. If anyone ought to be prosecuted after such an abortion, it is the rapist and the rapist alone. I leave such a decision in such a case entirely up to the victim of rape (though if they were to ask my advice on the topic, I would strongly advise against abortion: something beautiful can come out of something horrible if they are willing to allow it). If they are not willing to carry the pregnancy through, then there are to be two victims of that rape, and so be it. Let the rapist serve a sentence for murder, too, if the law is so stringent that it demands that someone must.

But a blanket ban on abortion in all circumstances nomatter what is as bad as a blanket free pass to have abortions in all circumstances nomatter what. Both are horrible ideas that show just how polarized an extreme American political divides have become. There's no middle ground or common sense: it's just a case of "adopt the exact, extreme opposite of the other side of the political divide, regardless of how ridiculous it is".

Sad, really. One president does something, the next undoes it just to be polarizing. And on and on it goes. That division and extreme swing from left to right will be what stagnates America in the end.

FromWithin(7680) Clarified
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I agree with most of what you say.

I have written a hundred debates on abortion, and have always supported life of mother abortions. Life of mother abortions and Rape abortions are what the Left always screams about, to hide and excuse their radical stance of supporting all abortions at any stage!

There are no extreme stances on the Right when it comes to abortion. Most all Republican Politicians also support extreme case abortions.

You are suggesting that there are extreme groups on both side of the argument and there are not.

Every State that has proposed stricter abortion laws have all allowed life of mother abortions.

When you talk about extreme, it is the entire Democrat Party who have adopted the extreme radical side of their Party. There were only 2 or 3 Democrat Senators who would vote for the GOP 20 week abortion compromise bill (which still allowed late term extreme cases including rape and incest). Almost every Republican voted for the Bill.

This issue is all one sided and the Democrat Party and Left have pandered to the radical Feminist and Pro abortion groups.

The Democrat Party supports No Restriction abortions! There is no "both sides are at fault".

I agree that the rapist should be charged with murder if the baby is aborted. I always ask why there is so little education by the Left on what a woman should do after a rape to prevent conception.

This is because the so called rape excuse for abortion is their number one excuse for keeping ALL abortions legal.

Is it a life or not? That's the question. Science says it is a life at conception. Life of mother abortions at least save one life.

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I personally don't give a flying titty-fuck about abortion at this point. You have officially made me never want to think about it again.

You have actually made me MORE pro-choice because you go on and on about it to the point that I just don't fucking care at all.

FromWithin(7680) Disputed
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LOL, so I guess when we are CONSTANTLY bombarded by LGBT agendas, Transgender this, Gay marriage that, forcing businesses to cater Gay wedding receptions, trying to force Churches to allow Gay Sunday school teachers, forcing public schools to allow boys who think they are girls into girl's sports, etc. etc, you are also sickened to the point you are now against it?

Nah, you are just one more pro abortion supporter who does not like listening to other's shine a light on your inhumanity. PERIOD!

One more vulgar child refusing to address the truth of the actual debate, just so he can spew his hate towards anyone speaking out on behalf of innocent lives.

Bye, you are added to my ban list since you do not want to address the debate topic.