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 How much $$ would you give if there were no social program taxes? (9)

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How much $$ would you give if there were no social program taxes?

5%? 10%? 15%? More? None?

I've heard it argued that it is not the place of the government to tax, fund, and run social programs. So, presuming not one penny of your money went to social programs, how much charity would you give? Be honest now.

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Well, right now I donate about 40%, but that's easy because I don't have to pay for my house, food, clothes or other expenses. I hope that when I do have my own place I will donate the same.

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Hurries to get 3 gold stars and silver white out for pedestal purposes. 40% Holy Mackerel Soc, how ever do you manage it?. That is so fabulous and makes others that are in such desperate need so very happy. See...I knew I liked ya!

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Once again, this is not nearly as much as it sounds like because everything I need is basically paid for by my parents. Also I only had one job and it was only over the summer so it wasn't actually that much.

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I would give between 10-20%. But I would want to make sure that the money is being well spent! I believe in giving a "hand up" and not a "hand out!" I donated a lot of money to the Red Cross when Hurricane Katrina hit, and was very upset that they gave people gift cards that they used to buy video games, breast implants, and other crap they really did not need!

Supporting Evidence: Questionable Purchases in Katrina's Wake (
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I'd stick with the biblical suggestion and donate 10% of my money to non-missionary charities. Even with taxes, I still contribute a hefty sum--I wish I could offer more!

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I'm in quite a pickle here because I'm a part of those social programs. Being on a fixed income that is 200% below poverty level makes that so. When I was still well I gave to charities left and joke! I even adopted a kid through a place I can't even think of the name of right now! A lot of my giving came out of payroll but there was more I did privately that I can no longer do. Now I need more than I'll ever receive in Federal or State benefits! I live off my credit cards and one day, when the chit hits that fan...I hope I'll be able to survive it.

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You have my sympathy, Kukla. I, too, have been in a position where I couldn't even make it despite help from the government social plans.

Still, since this is hypothetical, if you were earning an "average" income and no taxes were taken out for social programs, would you still give 15%?

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Oh YES! That and probably more...I'm such a bleeding heart anyway. I used to do lots of volunteer work as I can't do that either! Phooey!

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I don't know, but probably not 15%. I'm confused by some of the responses though, because the amount of our taxes that goes to social programs does not even begin to approach 15% of anyone's income. I don't think that social programs even make up 15% of what taxes are spent on after they are taken out. I remember hearing something like 3% for social programs, while the military is around 30%, and infrastructure about the same. Those numbers may be a little off, I can't remember where or when I heard them.

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