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How should the chief executive be elected?

Delegates argued over the method of electing the president -- should the people be allowed to vote directly or should a special group of electors from each state (the Electoral College) be given the power to vote for the chief executive?
Write one post to explain your position (150 words) & respond to at least one other post (50 words). Be sure to vote for arguments that you think are strong!

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The virginia plan is a much better plan. Would you like Rhode Island the smallest state over throwing a state like Texas? I do not think so a lot of people would be pist if such a thing happened. Each state is fairly represented based on population/size the bigger the state the better chances it will have a bigger population.

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No, Nathan Allen, only you and like 1-2 other member(s) have your full name as your online handle(s).

This is not normal.

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What is their to hide from? Nothing so I use my real name. Do not want to use my real online handle on the clear web.

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