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 How to define a true friend? (9)

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How to define a true friend?

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To me, a true friend will see you through a difficult time in your life. They will not lose that friendship with you because they know your weakness or know your faults. They will accept for who you are! Colour, size, height, faults, weaknesses, how you look don' matter when you have true friend! A true friend won't be afraid to tell you the truth even if it will hurt because they want what is best for you! They will give you good advise and lead you via the good path..

But true friends hardly come by your way so cherish them when they are there, in your life

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Someone that kicks ass and kicks ass with me, but doesn't try to kick my ass, because I wouldn't wanna have to kick their ass.

Someone who recognizes their own flaws, so I don't have to point them out.

Some of what Joel posted.

A true friend is hard to find. I can compare the odds to winning a lottery.

A true friend accepts you with no strings attached.

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A true friend is not the one who came the fastest (pun intended) but the one who kept coming back even when things weren't all that great. (pun not entirely intended)

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Someone who will stab you in the chest instead of your back.

A true friend is one that will never judge you based on how you look the way you are are who you love. A true friend does not see the flaws in your life. A true friend is there for you in rough times when others are not. A true friend is one who actually gives a crap about you.

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If a true friend ignores your flaws, then why don't they just ignore everyone's flaws and be everyone's true friend?

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A true friend is the one that shows up when you move .