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 How to piss off liberals (5)

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How to piss off liberals

Follow the link below for some great suggestions.

Here's a few examples:

7. When a Liberal calls you a Teabagger inform them that if YOU are the Teabagger then that makes them the TeabaggEE and ask them how the view is from down there.  This really pisses Liberals off and usually Shuts them the Fuck up (dipshits).

12. Liberals somehow don't understand the difference between Commentators and News sources.  They think links to blogs are the actual source rather than the links TO the sources in the blogs.  Point this out.  Ask them if they need help in understanding how LINKS work.

13. When Liberals whine about Fox News being biased, point out the difference between Commentators and NEWS reporting.  Commentators like Beck and Hannity COMMENT on the news while news reporters like Major Garrett REPORT the news.  Ask them if they believe that PMSNBC is not biased.  They usually STFU.  Anyone who thinks Olbermann reports the news and isn't biased the ultimate Liberal MORON.  The only place Olbermann should be is an insane asylum.  Obviously they haven't upped his meds enough to allow the 'man' a logical or normal thought in YEARS.  Talk about douchebaggery?  Just watch 5 minutes of his show and you'll regret for the rest of your life that you subjected yourself to such complete and utter jackassery but it's good to see the stupidity of the Left.

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How to piss them off? That's quite simple. Don't agree with them.

17. If you want to search for Liberals to fuck with just do a search on the following hashtags, you will not believe the idiocy you will see: #p2 #topprog #Democrats #HCR #Dems #Liberals #Libs #tcot #twisters (these two are Consevative but Liberal whackjobs like to post here as well) #DNC #DCCC #Obama You can also be sure to post tweets in specific State hashtags with big upcoming political races. Liberals really freak out if you aren't from the State you are posting in. ;)

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I'll keep this advice in mind. I can't wait to try this out. hehe. :)

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One of my favorite passtimes................................................................................................

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Take really stupid quotes from their messiahs, say it was said by Palin, wait until they are done making a few snobby comments, and then watch their facial expression change as you tell them who actually made the statement.

Or you could just laugh at them. Nothing pisses off a liberal more then when you cannot take their "superior" ideas seriously. This will prompt them to engage in their most common way of arguing(name calling) and will give you even more enjoyment.