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How whacked up IS our legal system?

I started this in light of hearing many rumors about why our legal system is so bad, letting many bad people go based on serious lack of evidence and convicting dozens of innocent people every day. Does it need improvement? I'm looking for opinions.


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What is wrong is that we have laws that are not enforced. Take drunks for example; the cops drink and the judges drink so they are reluctant to enforce the law to the full extent of the law. Nobody is ever going to enforce a law that one day they may break.

A true story about how our court system works, this is what happened to me once. I got pulled over for have a headlight out and got a ticket for not wearing a seat-belt. The ticket said I had to appear in court and couldn't just pay a fine. I sit through court listening to the fines others are getting for DUI, $75 plus court cost. Speeding, $75 plus court cost. There was about ten cases and then mine, last one before lunch. The courtroom was empty and my case was next. The judge ask my plea and I said guilty, the seat-belt I didn't have on. My fine was $125 plus court cost. I asked why such a big fine and the judge said,"You should have been wearing your seat-belt. One of those drunk drivers could have killed you." What a whacked up legal system we have.

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That's really messed up, and it is another example of how weird our courts are. I've heard rumors about how some cops steal from their own evidence lockers, like a laptop or an untraceable cell maybe. But not to get anything messed up, some are really great guys.

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According to expertise of Jordan Maxwell we don't have a system we have an idea of a system.

check him out

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You literally pay to stay out of jail

If there were two people, both without prior convictions, both have jobs, family kids etc with the only difference being that one is rich and the other isn't.. If they both had identical cases on something serious i.e. murder, fraud etc. (something big) then the rich person would be waaay less likely to go be incarcerated. It's because of capitalism, that the best lawyers will only work for the best paychecks.

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On this side, it HAS kept us in somewhat order through a few centuries!

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