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 How will America's existence end? (8)

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How will America's existence end?

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I hate America a lot, I'm with you on that one. :D They are arrogant pieces of shit as a whole, both the citizens and the leaders in that regard.

excon(12384) Banned
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How will America's existence end?

Hello D:

As man progresses, borders retreat. In time there won't BE any borders.. It'll ALL be America - capitalistic and lots of Jews.

Your worst nightmare, huh?.


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The worst scenario would be that too many people start to think like far right wingers. Less devastating would be a nuclear war or slow death by climate change pollution and/or starvation.

Slavery and mind control is worse than about any other death IMO. THAT is "RIGHT" (At least the end result of FAR RIGHT!)

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Well you tell me you Uneducated Socialist !!!!!!!!!!!!!

What will you Socialist do about your healthcare your Socialist society cannot provide ?

Dreadnought(138) Disputed
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What will you Socialist do about your healthcare your Socialist society cannot provide ?

Oh shut up you stupid deranged caveman. Michael Moore literally filmed people in your country being left out in the street on hospital gurneys because they didn't have medical insurance. You live in a fantasy world. Every civilised country on Earth has universal healthcare because, unlike you, they understand that poor people have a right to live too.

You have a worse healthcare system than Somalia. The Canadians who come to your country are the elite rich who don't want to wait their turn for treatment so they pay to skip the queue.

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Where will all the migrants from Central America end up ??? Could it be to the UK and put a further strain on your already failing healthcare system ???????

Think before you speak you Internet Troll because you do not know shit !!!!!!!!

0 points on-britain-s-infrastructure-caused-by-population-growth-9641

The huge growth sparked by mass immigration could put strain on Britain’s infrastructure and lower living standards, according to a report.

In his analysis for think tank Civitas, Cambridge economics expert Robert Rowthorn argues that the current financial benefits of migration, including higher wages, GDP increases and a lower “dependency ratio” of people claiming Government pensions, will be outweighed by the pressures of a larger population.

Net migration from the EU currently stands at around 130,000 people a year and while movement from Poland is expected to slow, numbers from Bulgaria and Romania are deemed “unlikely” to fall.

“Unrestrained population growth would eventually have a negative impact on the standard of living through its environmental effects such as overcrowding, congestion and loss of amenity,” Professor Rowthorn said.

Socialist question would be this - How will the UK'S existence end

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MigrationWatch says the number of children born in the UK to parents from abroad has more than doubled in 10 years and is expected to keep rising.

But the Institute for Public Policy Research disputed the research, saying it made "questionable assumptions".

The government says it is committed to reducing the level of net migration.

The group, which advocates immigration controls, says the number of school-age migrants entering the UK is also up

After studying immigration and population growth using government data and forecasts, MigrationWatch estimates 550,000 extra school places will be needed by 2015 at a cost of £40bn.

That figure would rise to £100bn by 2020, and £195bn by 2035, raising questions as to whether enough places can be provided, it adds.

MigrationWatch chairman, Sir Andrew Green, says the figures are a consequence of some of the most "reckless and unpopular" government policies in generations.