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My friend does not think my chrome theme is cool. It is, but I would like to see others perspectives. Please provide evidence and reasons if you think my extension is cool or not. The attached debate icon is the theme in question. Please no trolls, nincompoops, lollygaggers, or haters. 
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His chrome theme is not epic or cool it is quite lame. He is simply making a desperate call for attention when he knows he is wrong. This kind of childish behavior is not needed in our society as it will only lead to a weak generation that cannot stand to be wrong and needs to call out desperately or validation of their beliefs. If this is a truly important question to this poor poor child who hasn't known true pain or suffering than I choose to believe there is nothing left for me in this world and will be leaving promptly. I can only hope to enlighten the select few before I am gone from this planet for good. The truth is that we have the potential for interstellar travel but we get caught up on small petty things like chrome themes and subsequently have shut down the two or three scientists who advocate for the common knowledge of the capability of interstellar travel. I hope you the reader can try to expose the truth in my absence and if you finally get the answers you desire come and meet me in Alpha Centurai.

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Hey friends, just realizes y'all are not able to see the theme.

Here it is:

Please debate responsibly

ByllNie(9) Disputed
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I feel you are in no position to tell us to be responsible. You have no street cred on this account maybe if you have shown yourself to be a strong and polite "responsible" member of this establishment your statement can be taken with some seriousness. In the future refrain from making such claims without the credentials to back them up.

purplecom(6) Disputed
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Excuse me you imbecile, I graduated from Bismarck State College with a bachelors in Farm and Ranch Management. I was known on campus as "The Great Debater", and successfully won 18 arguments. So far I have been gentlemanly, but if you keep up with this funny business you will make me unleash my inner demons and go full throttle debate god.