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I almost never use adhominem attacks

I insult people a lot, but I almost never use ad-hominems. An insult is a personal attack which can be made along side an argument, an ad-hominem fallacy is when you resort to personal attacks IN PLACE of an actual argument. If I debunk what you say then call you a wanker hole, that is an insult. If I say "you are wrong because you're a wanker hole" that is an ad-hominem fallacy.


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but but but but but but

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It's true you don't, Nom does this a lot more. This was actually one of the most crucial observations I made to realise you really are not the same guy despite having very similar mental disorders and temperaments.

When Nom insults it is to add power to his arguments in a fallacious manner. When you insult, it is to unleash pure rage from your tormented brain.

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So that makes it excusable? What is the average age of you socialists? 15? You can’t be this immature at an older age.

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