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 I am sorry Apollo. (6)

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Sitara(11099) pic

I am sorry Apollo.

I will prove it.

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3 points

This is a public apology isn't it? Well done, very nice. This is a very courageous and honorable act. Bravo! [Claps]

| Side: I am sorry Apollo.

For what...? Just send him a message if you aren't going to post it in the description bud ;)

| Side: I am sorry Apollo.
Dremorius(849) Disputed
1 point

Oops sorry, I didn't mean to click dispute...

| Side: I am sorry Apollo.
1 point

Okay, I have to pay more attention to this site. Why are you apologizing to Apollo?

| Side: I am sorry Apollo.

A fight, apparently.

| Side: I am sorry Apollo.
madrigal14(298) Clarified
1 point

They had a fight? Wait, does Apollo even have fights? He didn't really strike me as that whole malevolent, holier than thou type of person...

| Side: I am sorry Apollo.
Apollo(1594) Clarified
1 point

I'm as clueless as you.


| Side: I am sorry Apollo.
1 point

I see no reason for anybody to be apologizing to me. But regardless, thank you for apologizing for something you never did.

| Side: I am sorry Apollo.

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