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I am warning you.

The new member named Qopel is an extremely militant atheist troll. 

I know this because since I left he has become a worse troll than me and whilst I lasted 5 months on that site, he has barely lasted 2.

I warn you sincerely and wish all non-atheists to prepare themselves for a violent onslaught of atheism.

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Hellno(17718) Banned
2 points

Oh great! You made another fake account.

Del1176(4964) Clarified
1 point

It isn't me.

Hellno(17718) Disputed Banned
1 point

Yeah, riiiiiiiigggghhhht ;) Your secret is safe with me.

1 point

LOL atheism is the bees knees.

But Christianity is the bee's stinger so I'll settle on the knees.

1 point

He can bring it. My God is in charge. .

1 point

Brace your selves lots of atheist but Hurt incoming. But seriously this is just what this site needs (sarcasm) more militant atheists happy fucking day.

1 point

LOL...what an idiot. I'm not a troll. My debates are still up on Go look at them. They are legit. I came here because I keep getting vote bombed there. That's all.

Del1176(4964) Clarified
1 point

"Legit" doesn't even begin to describe them.