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 I figured out why Trump haters do not care that our economy is exploding, tax cuts, etc. (2)

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I figured out why Trump haters do not care that our economy is exploding, tax cuts, etc.

Lets see, our 401K plans are finally exploding, our stock market exploding, our economy exploding, record low unemployment rates even in the African American community, tax cuts for the working man, ISIS losing al their strong holds, etc. etc. and STILL those who vote for Democrats hate Trump.

I finally figured it out! These Trump haters are either working for the Democrat Party, or they don't pay taxes! They don't have 401K plans! They don't want a job because it means losing their free medicaid and housing subsidies.

Everything the normal working man loves about Trump means nothing to Socialists who want Government providing their livelihood.

So obviously, trying to explain it to them is a waste of time. They have lost all pride in themselves. This is why the Democrat Party hates Trump. He is once again proving what capitalism can do FOR a nation. Obama proved what Socialism will do TO a nation, while doubling our national debt. The Left is terrified of Trump's success and sees the writing on the wall.

Their only hope is pathetic witch hunts, and getting more welfare and illegal immigrant votes. The Repubican Party wants to give you a good job, and the Democrat party wants to make you dependent on Government. A good economy reduces the welfare vote so this is why they hate Trump.
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I hate him because he's basically competing with himself to see how immature he can be.

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What was your "Boy King Obama's" GDP growth ? Do you know SnowFlake ?