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I'd buy one of those I'd NEVER buy that
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I got a KILLER app


A friend that I play fantasy baseball with just died.. Apparently, SOMEBODY knew enough about his life to NOTIFY his friends.  So, I'm thinking
, NOBODY knows much about my life, and if I died, nobody would know it. 

Then it hit me..  iDead....  It's an app for the fitbit or smartwatch that can tell when you're dead, and then follow your instructions..



I'd buy one of those

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I'd NEVER buy that

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I'm hoping you come back as a pot plant Con. And then I'll smoke you so that your spirit lives on. Sound nice?

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I'd smoke some of da Con made weed. Let's light him ups. *

Side: I'd buy one of those
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To be honest I am somewhat of a goth. I do spend some or a little bit of time on the subject of death so this is great to indicate people that your dead even if the majority of people are uncomfortable with it.

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